people are increasingly distrustful of ai, are they safe?

People are increasingly distrustful of AI, are they safe?

Tom Henry

Research into artificial intelligence and its development began decades ago. It is estimated that in the 1950s the first AI programs with some intelligence appeared, but they were severely limited by the power of the hardware. Just as PCs have become much more powerful, AI and its complexity have advanced in the same way. Today … Read more

it is an i5 14600k with only 4 e cores


It is an i5-14600K with only 4 E-Cores

Tom Henry

History repeats itself, and it no longer surprises almost anyone, but it must be said, because those times where with a graphite pencil you could unlock multipliers, with an ID change in BIOS you could touch the FSBs, and with a firmware flash you could unlimit a portion of the CPU died. What we are … Read more