Intel announced the release of new graphics drivers Arc Graphics Driverwhich in their version BETA They arrive with a large number of fixes, enough to be talking about downloading some drivers from nothing less than 1.2GB weight.

As a claim, the company indicates that this new version of drivers arrive to streamline the installation experience, resulting in a larger driver package file size. As you will see below, there is also a long list of fixes, improvements, and of course, a long list of problems and known bugs yet to be resolved. At least we see the company very active lately polishing all the problems.

Improvements built into the Intel Arc Graphics Driver BETA

Intel Arc Control Drivers Drivers Issues

Among the arrangements made, Marvel’s Spider-Man (DirectX 12) will no longer exhibit lighting corruption when looking at the sun, performance issue when taking shots of the Empire State Building, and missing lens flare effects with certain light sources.

Saint’s Row (DirectX 12) No more texture flickering and game crashing for long periods of time. gear 5 (DirectX 12) stop crashing, freezing or giving a TDR error while playing games; that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (DirectX 11) may see corrupted shadows at long range; Y video corruptions when playing full-screen videos captured on third-party camera apps.

Fixes made to Intel Arc Control

Showing unwanted values ​​in games that support Arc Control is now prevented; it will work without problems in multi-monitor setups; now the application will open on those computers that are configured with regional languages; image freezes when taking a screenshot or broadcast in Arc Control Studio disappear; and also fixed an issue that displayed an erroneous message when trying to activate the game’s auto-highlight feature.

Known issues in the Intel Arc Graphics Driver yet to be resolved

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man (DX12) may experience an application crash when loading the game with RayTraced Reflections enabled.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man (DX12) may experience shadow corruption when using AMD FSR 2.0 scaling.
  • The Windows Movies & TV app may experience a hang during HDR video playback and full screen video switching.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (DX12) Intermittent block corruption may be observed when panning the camera when the game resolution is set to 4K.
  • Call of Duty: Vanguard (DX12) may experience lower than expected performance in the game menu.
  • Sniper Elite 5 (DX12) may experience an application crash on some hybrid graphics system configurations when the Windows “Graphics Performance Preference” option for the application is not set to “High Performance”.
  • Map textures may not load or may load as empty surfaces when playing CrossFire.
  • Some fans on Intel Arc A380 Series graphics products may continue to run when the graphics card or system is idle.
  • Some Intel Arc A380 Series graphics cards may intermittently restart the system when resuming from S3 sleep.

Known issues with Intel Arc Control

  • Windows UAC Admin is required to install and start Arc Control.
  • Intel® Arc™ Control may not update properly. One solution is to uninstall Intel® Arc™ Control from Add/Remove Programs before upgrading.
  • Some applications may display a transparent or blank window when CMAA is set to “Force ON” globally.
  • Some applications may exhibit pixel corruption when the Sharpness Filter is enabled globally.
  • Arc Control opening in some game titles with ALT+I during gameplay may not appear correctly.
  • Using Arc Control Studio Capture with “In Stream” mode enabled may not properly record the entire clip when under 1080p resolution settings.
  • Recording with Arc Control Studio Capture and “In Stream” mode enabled may not save the output video file at the desired length.
  • Streaming with Arc Control Studio Capture and “In Stream” mode enabled may cause unexpected instability in connecting to the intended platform.
  • The 1440p resolution selection in Arc Control Studio Capture may not be available when the display’s native resolution is 4K.
  • The position of the Arc Control Studio camera overlay may not retain the desired position and size after a system reboot.
  • Hot plugging of peripheral devices such as cameras, microphones, or displays while Arc
  • Some types of images may not load when using the Arc Control Camera “Background Replacement” option.
  • Control is open can cause Arc Control to become unresponsive.
  • Arc Control may not automatically scale when changing from 1080p to 4K resolution.
  • Some Arc Control telemetry metrics may not alEsports Extraswith third-party applications or built-in operating system features.
  • The VRAM effective frequency metric in Arc Control Telemetry incorrectly displays the value in GHz.
  • The Arc Control Studio camera tab may take longer than expected to respond after the first navigation.
  • Hot plugging a secondary display with Arc Control enabled may cause Arc Control to become unresponsive.
  • Hot-plugging a display with the Arc Control Studio Capture audio device set to display audio can cause an error when trying to capture or stream.