1 million euros for politicians to have a new smartphone and tablet

1 million euros for politicians to have a new smartphone

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1 million euros for politicians to have a new smartphone and tablet

Today we know that the Senate has given the green light to allocate €1.1 million to buy new generation smartphones and tablets for all politicians who occupy a seat in the Upper House. Specifically, this investment €1,137,400, will be used to purchase 350 smartphones and 310 tablets. This movement draws attention, since last year another investment was allocated to buy all these politicians an iPhone 13. In this way, part of the investment goes to replace the iPhone 13 with the iPhone 14.

Now comes the most painful part, and that is that from the newspaper Vozpopuli they emphasize that the average salary of a senator is around 90,000 euros a year. That is, the 7,500 euros per month. These are the same people who have demanded the need to have a new, next-generation smartphone. Now, when you find out what type of tablet they have also requested… your blood will start to boil a bit.

iPhone 14 and iPads with the most powerful processor, the Apple M2

Apple iPhone 14 hands

Although the specific model of iPhone 14 is not indicated, at least they are smart. They claim the use of an Apple A15 SoC available on both iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. They also demand that it at least offer 256 GB of internal storage, that is, the intermediate version between the three possible capabilities. This results in an expense of €540,870 to renew the smartphone of politicians. Among the claims, there is also the facial scanner for security. In essence, requirements linked to acquiring only Apple devices.

Finally, it was also requested that all these mobiles will be accompanied by a coverand one four-year extended warranty. Four years, because it is estimated that it is the time in which they will be used. It doesn’t sound convincing, when They are already looking for a replacement for the iPhone 13 delivered last year.

Now we go with the curious demands that they require for tablets. Specifically, they demand 310 tablets that have a processor Apple M2256 GB of internal storage, and the possibility to add a SIM card to have 5G connection. This translates into €596,530 on new generation tablets. Obviously, it is claimed that these tablets must be accompanied by a keyboard. This results in an expense of 1,924 for each tablet with keyboard. These numbers make it clear that we are talking about iPad Pro M2.

“Keyboards for tablets and covers for smartphones are also requested. All equipment must have a four-year guarantee. This is the period for which it is estimated that they will be used by the new members of the Chamber.”

Politicians: 90,000 euros per year, per diem, taxi, travel, accommodation, latest generation smartphone and tablet

USApoliticians will debut new iPhone and iPad - EU flights Planes 5G

Apart from what has already been the main information, this year the senators have broken the record for travel spending. Specifically, during the first three months of the year, they have already spent 811,128.54 euros in travel. 31% more compared to the same period of time in 2022. The Senate also allocated 1 million euros for the rental of 15 hybrid cars that will be used by the parliamentary groups.

Each senator, on official mission, has a help of 150 euros a day in the case of a posting abroad. In the national territory, this allowance is 120 euros. Also have a Taxi-Card with a credit of 3,000 euro per year to cover your trips in the Community of Madrid, whatever the reason. To all this, add 5.4 million euros to pay for travel and hotels in 2023. Each senator has 8,209 euros for travel in USA.

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