10% slower than the RTX 4080

10% slower than the rtx 4080

Tom Henry

10% slower than the RTX 4080

Apple is pulling out its heaviest weaponry, namely its new M2 Ultra SoC with 24 cores. Recently, CPU benchmarks were shown, beating the M1 Ultra and even the i9-13900K, mind you, on Geekbench. Now it is the turn of the M2 Ultra GPUwhich leaves us with surprising performance, since it is almost 50% faster than the M1 Ultra and is dangerously close to high-end GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD.

When Apple showed us its first M1 chip, its performance was comparable to mid-range laptop CPUs, but it consumed a fraction of the power. This allowed it to be especially useful when implemented on MacBook, in order to achieve a longer battery life. No Windows laptop could compete against that, since cannot exceed 99.9 Wh Of battery. Intel and AMD continued to compete with each other for the best performance, something Apple couldn’t do much about.

The M2 Ultra’s GPU is 46% faster than the M1 Ultra’s on Geekbench

Geekbench M2 Ultra

However, the company started releasing SoC Pro and Ultra variants, where the CPU was slightly better, but the biggest change was in the GPU and its performance. This has been especially noticeable when we saw the performance of the M1 Ultrawhat with 150,000 points on Geekbench 6 Metal, managed to get close to a AMD RX6800. But while that result surprised us a while ago, it has been widely surpassed by the new generation.

It turns out that the Apple M2 Ultra and its GPU offer great performance, because in the Test of Geekbench 6 MetalHas got 220,674 points. This implies that this new graph is a 46% faster than the M1 Ultra. In fact, everything does not end there, because if before we said that it was close to the mid-high range GPUs of the last generation, now it is capable of competing against the high-end of the current generation.

It is only 10% behind an NVIDIA RTX 4080

Geekbench Score Apple M1 Ultra

If we look at the results of the graphics cards from both NVIDIA and AMD, one in particular has caught our attention. We talk about the RTX 4080 which we all know is the second most powerful graphics card from NVIDIA so far. Despite occupying this prestigious place, in this same test he obtained a score of 245,808 pointswhich positions it slightly more than 10% higher than the GPU of the Apple M2 Ultra.

In fact, it draws our attention that the M2Ultra claims to have 27 TFLOPswhile the RTX 4080 has 48 TFLOPs and despite this it does not take much advantage. Of course, as we always say, Geekbench is not Cinebench or 3DMark and the scores obtained they are not entirely reliable. In fact, we can see how the graphics cards of AMD usually get better scores in this benchmark than those of NVIDIA. For now, the GPU of the Apple M2 Ultra promises a lot, but it would be necessary to see a performance test in other applications or even in games if we want to know how far it will go.

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