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11 Essential Nintendo Switch Tricks and Setups

Guide with the best tricks, configurations and functions of the hybrid console.

11 Nintendo Switch Tricks and Settings You Might Not Know About
Nintendo Switch has many hidden features and tricks

nintendoswitch It is a very intuitive hybrid console. In less than a minute you can start a game or continue the game where you left it It appears to have a very simple design, but it has unique functions to improve the user experience. We are not just talking about the gyroscope or the shape of the Joy-Con, but the console has most hidden settings that not everyone knows. Below we tell you all Tricks to get the most out of Switch.


Do you know everything about Nintendo Switch? You’re still in for a surprise with this one. function list that you can find on your console, some a bit hidden. It doesn’t matter if it’s the standard console, Nintendo Switch OLED or Lite because they all have options you didn’t know existed. It is also possible configure controls Switch, calibrate Joy-Con controllers, and other helpful features that will change your life. they can even be connect Joy-Con controllers to PC.

Switch Cheats and Settings

Hidden sounds, energy saving or a hidden message in Pro controller of Switch. These are just some of the cheats available on the console. Here we tell you how to use these functions And what are each of them for?

Put the airplane mode without exiting the game

Switch's flight mode

Switch flight mode can be activated during a game


No need to go to the menu Home to access certain options. If you need to activate airplane mode on your console, you just have to press the home button for two seconds and a list of settings opens on the right side without closing the game. In this new menu you can put standby mode or airplane mode with a simple gesture.

Change the region of your console

Did you know that you could access the other regions shop? This is because Nintendo Switch games are not region locked, so the player just has to change this setting. From the Switch main menu, select the [Configuración de la consola] and then access [Consola]. Within this menu is the option [Región]where you can switch between Japan, America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

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How to find lost Joy-Con

Nintendo will increase production of Nintendo Switch for at least one more year

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers have a very useful function

Many users have just discovered this feature of Switch. The Joy-Con controllers can be removed to play in many different ways, but they can also be lost if we are not careful. You can be calm because you can activate a command finder in the console in the corresponding menu. The selected controller will begin to vibrate and will emit a sound so you can locate it.

How to configure Switch controls?


Enter the [Configuración de la consola] and in [Mandos y Sensores] to change the button assignment to your liking.

How to turn on TV from Switch

You probably didn’t know you could turn on the TV from the console itself. But first you have to enter the [Configuración de la consola] > [Salida de TV] and [Sincronizar con el televisor]. From that moment you can turn on the television with the console in TV mode. When you turn off the screen, the screen will go into sleep standby mode. automatically.

Zoom on screen

Playing on a laptop is one of the best features the Switch has, but some texts are too small. This is not a problem for Nintendo which included a hidden option to enlarge the screen whenever you need it. Just have to double-click the Home menu, a simple shortcut to activate this feature. It is also available through [Consola] on the menu [Configuración de la consola].


How to send your captures to the mobile

Scan the QR codes

Scan the Nintendo Switch QR codes to send the screenshots to your mobile

Taking screenshots and videos on Switch is very easy with the button on the left Joy-Con. Remember that this content occupies an important space in the memory of the console or the microSD card that you use. But you can send the pictures to a smart device from the gallery, although the process is a bit tedious. have on hand mobile camera to scan QR codes and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the photo you want to send.
  2. Choose [Publicar y Editar] and [Enviar a un dispositivo inteligente]
  3. A QR code will appear that you have to scan with mobile and a second code will appear.
  4. Enter the web page that appears and save the images on your mobile.
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To carry out this process, the mobile is disconnect from our home connection and connects to a Switch server. If this does not happen automatically with the first QR code, you have to do it manually from the Wi-Fi settings. Beneath the QR codes you can see the password to connect the mobile and you can send a maximum of ten images at a time.


The funny sounds of Switch

The Nintendo Switch screen hides a hidden feature very funny. When it has been inactive for a long time, the screen crashes default. And to unlock this screen you have to press the same button three times. So far everything normal, but it turns out that the console has 4 different sounds if you press ZR, ZL and the two analog sticks. The result is quite comical since it can be distinguish a horn and other noises.

Expand game menu

Nintendo Switch has a very clean home menu, where recent games form a horizontal row. However, you can see all the games available on your Switch by pressing the button at the bottom of this row (All Programs) when you complete the 12 spaces available. It will change the menu temporarily, showing all the games and applications you have installed with a smaller icon.

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How to know if a Switch game is fake?

Authentic Switch games have a Nintendo Seal of Quality original gold color It is a circle surrounded by golden dots and a white part with the inscription “Original Nintendo Seal of Quality”. Also appears the nintendo logo and a small “TM” in the lower right corner.

The hidden message of the Pro controller

Switch Pro Controller hidden message

The Switch Pro controller has a hidden message on the right stick


He switch pro controller It is very useful to play with the console in TV mode. It’s more comfortable than removing the Joy-Con, but it also has a nice hidden message that almost no one knows. To see it you have to lower the right analog stick because at the top of the circle you can read: Thx2 allgamefans. Nintendo included this thank you message for the fans, something that can be translated as “Thank you to all video game fans”.

Show battery percentage

We have become accustomed to seeing the nintendo switch battery no percentage. This can be set at any time to display a more accurate information of the battery status. in the menu of [Configuración de la consola] > [Consola] and [Batería de la consola] You can enable this option to display the percentage number permanently. No more speculating with the autonomy of the console!

See the hours a game has been played

This trick is a secret with voices. Switch players only have to enter their user profile to find a list with last played games. Just below the name of the game are the time you’ve played each one, but they’re sorted by most recent to the less recent.


These are the most important tricks and settings from Nintendo Switch. You may not have known about the existence of some features because Nintendo designed it that way. by the way. In addition to all this, it is also possible create folders on switch to have all the installed applications and games in order.

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