12th Hour Creates GTA 6 Trailer Made With Unreal Engine 5

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12th hour creates gta 6 trailer made with unreal engine

If there is a game that has been expected, for no less than 10 years, it is GTA VI, or GTA 6, as everyone likes to call it. Its predecessor and current title, GTA IV, continues to sell at a truly incredible rate given the number of years it has behind it, but the game is really very good. Well, the developer 12th Hour don’t want to wait for GTA VI as such and decided to get down to business, so he took the engine Unreal Engine 5… And created this marvel.

A single man, a project that lasts only two minutes and seven seconds, a very successful job and a letter of introduction that the RockStar guys will undoubtedly have seen with good eyes. What we are going to see is not only Unreal Engine 5 as such, but also technologies attached to it that help to increase the feeling of realism in the game.

GTA VI, a trailer made by 12th Hour with Unreal Engine 5

A genius as you will have seen if you have given the video. Taking into account that it is a “One men” project where it has not had help, 12th Hour has brought out the best of itself in a game and theme that everyone likes to create this wonder.

work took him 200 daysthat is, more than 6 months for just over 2 minutes, so we can now understand a little better the difficulty he had. 12th Hour said that he has literally invested in creating said Fanmade GTA 6 trailer.

The goal was to show the quality that can be achieved with time and effort using Unreal Engine 5 and lovingly parody the Grand Theft Auto saga logically. To achieve the final finishes and certain viewable images that are impressively realistic, 12th Hour used METAHUMANan Unreal Engine 5 plugin for creating photorealistic digital humans, making them easier to create and less time consuming.

Lumen Global Illumination and Reflections

Unreal Engine 5.1 Lumen and transparency

It is another system that has been used in this trailer and that will surely sound more familiar to you. Used in Unreal Engine 5 to provide global illumination and reflections dynamically. Epic claims that lumen generates “diffuse interreflection with infinite bounces and indirect specular reflections”, where distance is not an issue.

The effects can be achieved from a distance of millimeters from the focal camera to kilometers, as can be seen in the short film. Logically the trailer is improvable. There are details to deal with such as the shadows, or the movements of the characters, but it is still impressive that a single person can create this with somewhat limited tools and hardware, from her house.

Finally, there is a rumor that we have heard and that the guys at DSOGaming also echo. We slipped it months ago, but it is gaining strength: GTA VI may be revealed in October of this year, and they could give the approximate arrival date. In theory, it should be late 2024 or early 2025, but who knows, RockStar may end up surprising.

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