13 essential anime series that you can watch on Crunchyroll from your console

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That fans of video games like anime is something natural: in addition to the notable influence of animation made in japan In many of the big hits of yesterday and today (Mario’s running style is inspired by Arale), adaptations of small-screen greatest hits have always found their way to consoles and PCs. What’s more, series Well-loved games like Dragon Ball or Captain Tsubasa were played in the golden age of the NES.

Which brings us to a very curious case: more or less indirectly, Crunchyroll It already treasures anime series that have their own legacy in video games and adds many more. A platform focused on Japanese animation that, by the way, was recently integrated into the PlayStation family and whose application is available on all consoles, including Switch. Which has double merit, if we take into account that Netflix is ​​neither there nor is it expected.

The 21 best video games based on manga and anime

Precisely for this reason, in Extra Life We have prepared a very special selection for those who are passionate about anime and video games: we have compiled more than a dozen successful and essential series with two elements in common: you can watch them on your console from Cruchyroll and, furthermore, you can also continue their adventures or live them through their protagonists through their video games.

An original and different review 13 beloved works that, above all, seeks to hit all those who are passionate about anime, but also discover series and adaptations to the video game that, perhaps, had been overlooked until now. From a Attack on Titan which is in full climax at a JoJo Bizarre Adventure that will return this year in the form of a video game to all systems.

Attack on Titan

The latest video game: Analysis of Attack on Titan 2

  • what is it about Attack on Titan?

For generations, Esports Extrasntic walls have protected the peaceful inhabitants of Paradise from attack by brutal abominations known as the Titans, which roamed freely beyond its borders devouring everything in its path. But those walls were always a temporary solution.

The appearance of a colossal titan opened a gap that has allowed these irrational beasts to enter, leaving an alarming scene of ruin and corpses in their wake. It is then that the experienced scout division You will have to deal with these creatures through advanced acrobatic combat teams. What they don’t know is that the future of Paradise and the entire world lies in their swords.


The latest video game: Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

A century has passed since the war between the Kingdom of Midland and the Tudor Empire began, and things are not getting any better. Rather the complete opposite. After years of dealing with all kinds of battles and skirmishes, the mercenary known as Guts and the Band of the Hawk they go before the king of Midland, who decides to recruit them to lead his armies and end a war that has gone on too long.

black cloverBlack Clover Game Thumbnail

The latest video game: Black Clover Quartet Knights

  • what is it about black clover?

In the Clover Kingdom, being a young orphan without magical power is a pretty heartbreaking thing. But not enough to discourage Pole. No, while his rivalry with his friend Yuno, who has a natural talent for magic, constantly motivates you to be better. Compensating for her shortcomings based on training and determination.

Both are called to live adventures as Magic Knights. And the more powerful their bonds, the greater their power, their friendship, and their rivalry. After all, Asta and Yuno share the same passion: be the next Wizard King.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

The latest video game: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles

  • what is it about Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba?

Tanjirou Kamado he is a slayer, and that constantly exposes him to all kinds of threats. Luckily, he is not alone in his journey: in addition to having his deadly sword Nichirinto and an unbreakable will, his sister nezuko assists him in combat. At least when she is not locked in a properly sealed box: Nezuko was turned into a demon. A curse that Tanjiro is determined to break.

Along with other demon slayers, Tanjiro Kamado goes through a feudal Japan full of dangers and threats with the purpose of avenging his family, returning humanity to his sister and imparting peace and justice throughout the country with the blow of a katana. An adventure in which he will find strong allies and enemies that will test both his technique and his noble purposes.


Screenshot 7053

The latest video game: Fairy Tail

the young Lucy Heartfilia He has a dream: to join the Fairy Tail Mages Guild. So much so that she has decided to go at her own risk to the kingdom of Fiore to fulfill it. A reckless idea. Along the way, Lucy will meet Natsu Dragneelwho seems destined to guide her on her way.

JoJo Bizarre Adventure

His next video game: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R

  • what is it about JoJo Bizarre Adventure?

The family Joestar has been dedicated for decades to fighting evil. And while each new generation does it their own way, there is a shared ideal: an unwavering sense of justice. JoJo Bizarre Adventure reimagines the classic story of good versus evil through quirky but always interesting characters. Twisting events to the impossible and taking heroes and villains to beyond their own limits.

Although half of the series of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is available on Netflix, a peculiarity of Crunchyroll is that it has broadcast Golden Wind, the fifth part of the story. A story arc that precedes Jolyne’s story in Stone Ocean and that leaves us with some of the most colorful characters in the entire work.

Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure

The cult RPG saga from Enix and currently Square Enix has been taken beyond video games on many occasions, but what has been achieved by Dragon Quest III it goes even further: two television series inspired by a successful manga and even direct adaptations of it to video games, including a recently released mobile game.

Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure is a remake of the original Dragon Quest series, previously broadcast in the West. A new opportunity to enter this world of adventure and fantasy in which a young man raised by monsters and with a mysterious mark of a dragon undertakes a journey through the world determined to destroy the Army of Evil.

Dragon Quest, the king of JRPGs: the history and evolution behind the phenomenon and everything that makes it special


The latest video game: Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

In a world divided by constant rivalry between different villages and their ninja clans, a particularly rowdy young orphan is called upon to start a revolution. Because Naruto He’s stubborn, stubborn, and unpredictable, but his determination to be the greatest ninja of all time is almost contagious. What our young protagonist does not know is that he is not a simple student: he is the living vessel of a beast with almost unlimited power.

In addition to offering Naruto and naruto shippudenthe two anime key stages of the original manga, on Crunchyroll the series is also available in broadcast of Boruto, which focuses on the new generation of young ninjas.

My Hero Academia

The next video game: My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble

  • what is it about My Hero Academia?

In an alternative future, and not so far from ours, almost 80% of the population owns a Don, a kind of distinctive super power that manifests during adolescence and grants an unusual ability. From the ability to emit lightning or fly to the characteristics of a frog, through the ability to control cold or heat.

Many use their Quirk to commit criminal acts, so there is always a need for heroes capable of maintaining order. And while gifts are inherited, they can also be trained to ensure justice exists. My Hero Academia is the story of a group of students who enter the most prestigious institute for future heroes in all of Japan, but how did a student who was born without Quirk end up there?

one piece

Next up: Project Fighter

the fearless Monkey D Luffy he has a dream: he wants to be the King of the Pirates. The previous step to this recognition is to get the one piece, a treasure of unimaginable value whose location is a mystery. The legend says that it will be possible to find it on the last island of the Grand Line, an immense ocean route full of adventures and dangers. And although Luffy’s determination to get hold of the One Piece is total, he is also willing to have a great time during his journey.

Thus, together with a daring crew of dare*text muted* pirates, Luffy embarks into the unknown. Knowing that he is not the only one interested in the legend and that he will be exposed to all kinds of adversities. Luckily, our hero with a characteristic straw hat has a very unique quality that will help him in the most delicate moments: after eating a *text muted* Fruit, he acquired elastic properties that allow him to stretch and twist like rubber. An ability that he will employ in the most reckless ways throughout his adventure.

One-Punch Man

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The latest video game: One Punch Man

  • what is it about One-Punch Man?

Saitama is a frustrated superhero. His arduous training – which consists of doing 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats and a 10K run every day – has given him limitless strength. So much so that he manages to knock down any supervillain and threatens with a simple punch. He doesn’t even have to be a heavy punch. The side effect? Saitama has lost his hair and also the thrill of fighting evil.

When Saitama seemed resigned to combining the routine of his heroic tasks with having to do the shopping every day, an opportunity appears: the entrance to the hero association it can be the boost you need to regain your enthusiasm for fighting crime. Neither strength nor endurance will be a problem when embarking on a professional career as a superhero, but the other reality is that being the most powerful man in the world is not enough: he doesn’t know poor Saitama nor the tato.


Beyond her hairstyle, it can be said that Yugi Muto is a high school student who, like young people his age, combines classes with the phenomenon of the Monster Duelsa collectible card game that has obsessed everyone.

A relatively normal life until, after solving an exotic Egyptian puzzle, the ancient spirit of a pharaoh awakened in him. From then on, Yugi will discover that beyond the cards there is a whole universe of challenges and mysteries.

Bonus Ball: Shenmue

The latest video game: Shenmue III

Ryō is faced with a heartbreaking image: his father has just been killed before his very eyes. She had barely set foot in the family dojo when a mysterious man from China ruthlessly executed the karate master himself. Iwao Hazuki. Now his own paralyzed son holds his limp body while he forges a deep sense of revenge.

Set in 1986, Shenmue is a traditional story of revenge and martial arts starring the young Ryō Hazukiwho will initiate the investigation to find the person responsible for the death of his father from the streets of Yokosuka, in Japan, to Hong Kong itself and beyond. Taking down anyone who interferes with his cause.

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