‘160 hours and not even close’: According to the developer, Starfield is so huge that even after hundreds of hours he can’t tell what it is

'160 hours and not even close': according to the developer,

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‘160 hours and not even close’: According to the developer, Starfield is so huge that even after hundreds of hours he can’t tell what it is

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Starfield will be huge, extensive and apparently also quite varied.

Starfield is out in a week for those who have pre-ordered the special editions. Everyone else can throw themselves into the almost endless expanses of the space RPG on September 6th. They should be busy for quite a while if we want to believe the statements made by Bethesda’s PR director Pete Hines.

He has already played Starfield for 150 to 160 hours and thinks that there are still many more hours of play in the RPG.

Still haven’t seen everything after 150 hours: Starfield is supposed to be several games in one

Pete Hines says: It was clear that Starfield would be huge when we found out that we could explore over 1,000 planets. The Bethesda PR boss has now made it clear again what a lengthy undertaking this will be. According to his statement, even after 160 hours with the SciFi RPG, he still cannot determine what Starfield actually is:

“There just isn’t enough time [um sagen zu können] ‘now you’ve played enough Starfield to understand what this game is’. I’m at 150-160 hours on my current run and not even close [es zu verstehen].

There’s so much stuff I just haven’t done on purpose.”

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You can at least get an impression of the game in this Starfield preview:

44 exciting details about Starfield

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44 exciting details about Starfield

Many games in one: The reason for this is probably the versatility. Even in older Bethesda titles like Skyrim or the Fallout series, there was always a lot of different things to do, but Starfield takes it to a new level. Hines even goes so far as to say that Starfield feels like multiple games rolled into one:

“I can spend all my time picking flowers in The Elder Scrolls, but it doesn’t feel that completely different from the whole ‘space game’ that’s out there. The whole ‘live on a planet’, that free exploration, the fighting, deciding which factions, which sides.”

But beware! Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be occupied with the main story quest of Starfield for a whopping 160 hours, here you can count on around 40 hours. But there are probably just so many side quests and activities that you can easily keep yourself busy as long as you want.

Our GamePro review of Starfield is scheduled to be released on August 30th, just in time for the embargo to fall.

What do you think of what Pete Hines said? Are you looking forward to this girth monster and what do you think you spend the most time doing?

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