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18.5 million Xbox Series X | S sold, compared to 30 million PS5, according to a recent analysis | we are xbox

Thanks to a recent external analysis, we know that they were sold 18.5 million Xbox Series X | S compared to the 30 million that PS5 achieved, the next-generation console from Sony and the main rival of Xbox. In the absence of more transparent official statements, these measurements carried out by private companies unrelated to these two competitors are always well received.

The sales measured here are not limited to consoles, although these are the most striking. It also takes into account the income generated by subscription services, the games sold and the monetization carried out on each platform. Nintendo is also targeted, but the most information pertains to these two.

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18.5 million Xbox Series X|S and 30 million PS5 sold

18.5 million Xbox Series X | S and 30 million PS5 sold, the statistics are more or less consistent with recent statements

The study was carried out by Ampere Analysis, where they point out how hard the year 2022 was for the video game industry. The consoles have seen a difficulty in sales due to their low availability. Ampere Analysis notes that Xbox’s dual bet fueled by the Xbox Series X|S It was important to keep sales at a moderate level, but it did not mean a groundbreaking bet in terms of sales.

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Despite the blow caused by the pandemic and the precarious global economic situation, the market has remained at an acceptable level. The PS5 managed to increase its offer at the end of the year, getting sell 30 million consoles. 18.5 million Xbox Series X | S were also sold, which strengthens the lagging position that Microsoft tried to sell in Brussels a few days ago.

Revenues in terms of subscription services experienced strong growth. In this section, Xbox Game Pass achieved great figures, far removed from the figures for similar services offered by PlayStation and Nintendo. Monetization has dropped slightly, as have sales of games with big budgets behind it. This last section was hit a little less due to recent price increases in AAA games.

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