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2 babies were born where a PS5 controller played an important role in conception | Top News

2 babies were born where a ps5 controller played an

A robot controlled with a “PS5 DualSense” controller has succeeded in injecting human sperm into human eggs. In the meantime, 2 girls have been born in the USA.

The researchers used a robot from the start-up Overture Life to fertilize some eggs. The special thing about it: The team synchronized the robot with a “PS5 DualSense” controller. This is the official controller that comes with every PlayStation 5.


Using the controller could also a person without real experience looking through a microscopic camera, maneuvering the robotic needle and successfully inserting single sperm into multiple eggs.

In the meantime, thanks to this campaign, 2 healthy girls have been born in the USA. That’s what the TechnologyReview website said.

New system to reduce costs

Why do you do that? Artificial insemination in the USA can cost tens of thousands of euros, requires a lot of expensive equipment and is often associated with a great deal of effort. The start-up “Overture Life” explained that they wanted to significantly reduce costs with this process. This could make artificial insemination possible for more people in the future.


In addition, one wants to lower the hurdle so that more people can have children for whom such an action has so far been too expensive. Because if such a device was available in every doctor’s practice, it would significantly reduce costs.

Large research environment in the USA: “Overture Life” is not the only company that wants to reduce costs with various ideas. There are said to be half a dozen start-ups in the US. However, the institute mentioned here collected the most money from investors: a total of 37 million US dollars.

Sony probably didn’t come up with its gaming controller for this area of ​​application either. Sony is said to have secured a new patent for a future controller. The only question is: Who wants to test something like this?


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