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2 million PS VR2, Sony’s estimate for launch next year

In early 2023 we will finally have the next iteration of Sony in virtual reality with the launch of PS VR2, its headset compatible with PlayStation 5. Despite some controversial decisions about its backwards compatibility, PS VR2 presents some features and substantial improvements over the current PSVR, and the game catalog only suggests that it may be a hit on the current VR hardware park.

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And Sony has put a lot of faith (and a lot of resources) in it, since according to Bloomberg, Sony would have planned to arrive at launch with about two million units of PS VR2. That would mean putting up for sale on the first day almost a third of the total units sold from PSVR.

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The figure is also surprising because in order to use PS VR2 it is necessary to connect it to a PlayStation 5which for now continues to have serious distribution problems and somewhat poor sales (in USA) due to the obligation to purchase it with a Monster Pack of peripherals and various games.

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At the moment we still do not know the exact launch date and the official price of PS VR2, but considering that the aforementioned article indicates that these units are planned for March, it would not be surprising if the headset arrived that same month for all top.

2 million PS VR2, Sony's estimate for launch next year