235 million Twitter users exposed: watch out for the password

It’s official, at least 235 million users from the social network Twitter have seen your information leaked. Specifically, all this information has been published in a well-known hacking forum at a reasonable price. from 0 euro. In this way, any hacker has had free access to a file of 63 GB in weight with the information of 235 million users.

This move has come after hackers They will try to sell this information to Elon Musk. At the time, they claimed the leak of a larger number of users: 400 million, almost double the list published for free.

The leak is true, and it is that the well-known website “Have I Been Pwned” has just begun to inform users of the leak of their data. Specifically, we ourselves have received the relevant notice. On this website you can put your email and you will receive information every time your email account has been compromised. It will even notify you if it is posted on a Pastebin.

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This is the leaked information that has been leaked from Twitter, be careful with the password

Data Users Twitter

In the email itself, they already indicate the compromised information: Email addresses, Names, Social network profiles and Usernames. While Twitter Passwords Haven’t Been Leaked, at least they already have access to the login name and your email. That is why it is always advisable to add a fairly strong password to avoid scares.

Perhaps the main problem here is linked to a possible phishing attack by having emails and your personal information. That is to say, start receiving fake emailspresumably from Twitter, to try get the password and access the account.

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Once the account is stolen, it can be used to try to carry out scams, especially if they access important accounts, since the stolen information can be filtered to access to the accounts with the largest number of followers. It must be remembered that the information leak came to light a few days ago. The data thefts took place long before Elonk Musk acquired the company.

According to reports, it is indicated that he was sometime in 2021 when all this information was stolen. This attack exploited a vulnerability in an API that allowed email addresses to be resolved with Twitter profiles.

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The email from Have I Been Pwned states the following:

Have I Been Pwned reflects the theft of information from Twitter users

You have been fooled!
You signed up to receive notifications when your account was hacked in a data breach, and unfortunately, it has happened. This is what is known about the leak:

Compromised data: Email Addresses, Names, Social Media Profiles and Usernames.

Description: In early 2023, more than 200 million records pulled from Twitter appeared on a popular hacking forum. The data was obtained sometime in 2021 by abusing an API that allowed email addresses to be resolved with Twitter profiles. Subsequent results were composited into a corpus of data containing email addresses along with information from public Twitter profiles, including names, usernames, and follower counts.”