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29-Year-Old Explains How She Coldly Exploits Twitch and Makes $1.7M a Month

29-year-old Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is one of the most successful streamers on Twitch. In an interview, she tells her pragmatic view of the streaming platform. It’s an “ad space that pays you when you advertise on it.” She uses the platform as a “funnel” to drive customers who see her on Twitch to the OnlyFans page.

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Where did the statements come from? Amouranth did an interview with Jake Lucky, who primarily uses Twitter as a platform.

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Here’s what Amouranth says about how much money she makes:

  • Amouranth makes about $100,000 a month from subs and advertising via Twitch
  • With the Onlyfans page, she makes about $1.5 million a month
  • She also has income from other businesses, such as gas stations, in the $85,000 range — which is important to her, mostly from a tax perspective
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Twitch as a “funnel” to guide fans to OnlyFans

Here’s how she sees Twitch: The streamer is then asked in the interview why she still streams on Twitch at all when she makes so much more money on Onlyfans. Whether she’s on Twitch out of sheer “joy”.

But that has little to do with joy, explains Amouranth. Although she also enjoys streaming “somehow”, the reasons lie elsewhere:

Twitch is a billboard – it pays me to advertise on it. It’s a funnel. Other social media sometimes simply issue shadow bans for sexy content. The thing is that your reach is really getting destroyed on every other platform – except Twitch.

Twitch is also the platform with the highest “conversion rate” – the platform that can drive the highest percentage of users to OnlyFans.


Twitch streamer Amouranth says she is now free – allowed to sleep 8 hours, watch TV, wear normal clothes

After Hottub and ASMR meta, Amouranth now plays the “Funnel” meta

What’s behind it? Amouranth has a clear business model:

  • She appears sexually suggestive but still relatively tame on platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Twitch – this content is free
  • Anyone who sees this and wants “clearer” pictures of her is lured to the OnlyFans platform, but her content costs money there

Twitch is the most attractive advertising platform for her: on the one hand, she gets paid for her content there, and on the other hand there are no filters that limit her reach.

After breaking through with the “Hot Tub” meta and then using the ASMR meta to grow, Amouranth now appears to have completely beaten Twitch with the “Funnel” meta.


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Amouranth exploits Twitch – Twitch may have never anticipated this model

Is Twitch intended for this? Not really. Twitch is actually a self-contained platform:

  • Streamers entertain their viewers – mostly with gaming streams
  • In return, the streamers receive money through donations and subs
  • In addition, the streamers can conclude advertising deals

Recently, conventional Twitch streamers have complained that conditions on Twitch are getting worse for them

The business model that Amouranth leverages by abusing Twitch as an “advertising space for another platform” appears to have never been foreseen by Twitch. It’s not clear if Twitch are doing anything about it or if they’re going to let it go.


In any case, as open as Amouranth is about her strategy, she doesn’t seem afraid of the consequences.

Because formally, Amouranth doesn’t seem to be breaking any rules as long as she does her “18+” things on another platform and only uses Twitch as a funnel to lure viewers there.

However, some other streamers and viewers have big problems with this “funnel” meta.


As early as 2021, the German streamer MontanaBlack demanded that Twitch intervene here:

MontanaBlack demands: Twitch must act against the new trend