2K display and 7,500 MHz memory

lenovo legion go console will arrive with amd ryzen z1

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2K display and 7,500 MHz memory

More leaks around the console return Lenovo Legion GOand it is that thanks to the database of BAPCO (via @AnhPhuH) can confirm more details of your specifications. Among them, the least hidden were the AMD Ryzen APUs that it used. Among the new information, is knowing the RAM memory, storage, and its extremely generous screen resolution.

Without surprises involved, the obvious thing is that, like the ASUS ROG Allywe come across a console based on the APU AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme. Additionally, it will also be available with the AMD Ryzen Z1. As a brief summary, the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme offers 8 cores and 16 threads under the AMD Zen 4 architecture. These reach a Base frequency of 3.30 GHz and Turbo of 5.10 GHz seasoned by 24 MB of L3 cache. Most importantly, it’s in your iGPU AMD Radeon 780M with 768 Stream Processors at 2.80 GHz. Its TDP is configurable between 9 and 30W.

For its part, the AMD Ryzen Z1 offers 6 cores and 12 threads at a Tube frequency of 5.00 GHz. It has 22 MB of cache, and an iGPU with 256 Stream Processors at 2.70 GHz.

A review of the specifications of the Lenovo Legion Go console

Lenovo Legion Go ports

To begin with, we now know that your IPS panel of 8 inches will come to a resolution 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, notably deviating from the standardized resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Obviously, to play it will be a plus in very undemanding titles, but for the rest of the game, it is clear that the best option is to set it to 1080p.

Without surprises in between, this console will also bring 16GB of RAMbut the surprise is that it is a LPDDR5X RAM at 7500MHz. This implies being 17% faster compared to the 6,400 MHz LPDDR5X memory used by the ROG Ally. Taking into account that AMD iGPU scales very well the faster the memorygaming performance will benefit.

Finally, we have new details about to storage. The Lenovo Legion GO with the AMD Ryzen Z1 makes use of an SSD Samsung PM991 with 256 GB capacity. This SSD promises read speeds of up to 2,050MB/s and write speeds up to 1,000MB/s. On the other hand, the model with the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme uses a Western Digital SSD SN740 or Samsung 950PRO 512 GB capacity. This one is noticeably faster reaching read and write speeds of up to 5,000/4,000MB/s.

We remind you of the rest of the known information

Lenovo Legion Go - controls

All the previously exposed information was new, so now we just remind you of the rest of the information. We have the most advanced controls on the market, with a total of 20 programmable buttonsjoystick, D-pad, trackpad and a mouse wheel. These knobs can be used to operate wirelessly. The console has a base to place it on the table. We have a simple refrigeration system, with an aluminum fantogether with two ambient air inlets and a hot air outlet.

We have USB-C port, headphone jack and SD card reader. We continue with dedicated buttons for volume, double stereo speaker and double microphone. For now, the most important detail of the Lenovo Legion Go remains to be known: its price. Its price could be higher than the ASUS ROG Ally, since it is much more complete than the other models. Not to mention its higher resolution screen and faster RAM memory.

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