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Elden Ring

3-for-2 action featuring Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West and more for PC, PS5 and Xbox

MediaMarkt started the popular 3-for-2 campaEsports Extrasagain today. Here you can get the Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West and more.

the 3 for 2 promotion from MediaMarkt is always a great way to save a lot when buying new games. The current campaign, which will run for just under two weeks, even offers brand new highlights for PS5, Xbox Series X and personal computer. Simply put three promotional titles in the shopping cart and the cheapest price will be deducted when you check out. With this you can save up to 69.99 euros! Here is the entire range:

To the 3-for-2 campaEsports Extrasat MediaMarkt

3 for 2 promotion: Elden Ring

Hardly any game is currently talked about as much as the impressive one Elden ring. From Software has lived up to its name as an innovative development studio and created a real masterpiece. In Elden Ring, the strengths of the Soulslike Genres with a stunning fantasy open world tied together. must play


Elden Ring is part of the 3 for 2 promotion in three versions. the PS4 version currently costs 64.99 euros. The variant for the Xbox Series X|S will be available for 59.99 euros offered. You pay the same amount for the PC version:

Elden Ring (PC version) for 59.99 euros at MediaMarkt

Even more open world: Horizon Forbidden West

Also Horizon Forbidden West was able to meet the high expectations. The successor to the surprise hit Horizon Zero Dawn basically makes everything a bit bigger and better than its predecessor. Again we slip into the role of Aloywho are in a dystopian future have to find their way.

The highlight are next to the beautiful open world especially the robot creatures, which resemble animals and dinosaurs and trudge through the landscape. This creates a great one Mix of Sci-Fi and Stone Age. Especially impressive on the PS5!

Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) for 72.99 euros at MediaMarkt

Wild co-op action: Tiny Tina Wonderlands

Tiny Tina has really come a long way. Originally, the young lady with the explosive temper was a popular supporting character in the comic co-op shooter Borderlands 2then got its own DLC and now even a standalone game!

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Huge Tina titel title 1920x1080

In it, she invites you to a more or less relaxed round of pen-and-paper. The gameplay is similar to that Borderlands strong: It’s about action-packed battles and almost infinite amounts of loot! You can sEsports Extrasup for Tiny Tina Wonderlands Xbox Series X | S (74.99 euros) and save for PS5:

Tiny Tina Wonderlands (PS5) for 69.99 euros at MediaMarkt

More titles from the 3-for-2 campaEsports Extrasat MediaMarkt

The selection is really Esports Extrasntic this time. Here are just a few more titles:

All other titles of the campaEsports Extrascan be found here:

For the entire selection of the 3-for-2 campaEsports Extrasat MediaMarkt

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