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3 top games for PS4 and PS5 are currently cheaper on Amazon thanks to promotions

If you are interested in PS4 & PS5 games, Amazon now has the perfect deal. Just pick three and only pay for 2!

The year is only a few months old, but we’ve already seen some highlights. The problem: PS5 and PS4-Games are really expensive, especially when they are released. Amazon get help here: If you decide on three promotional titles, including some current top games, you get the cheapest one for free! Here are all the participating games:

All participating PS5 and PS4 games on Amazon

One of the best PS5 games of the year: Elden Ring

Yes, the year is not even half over yet. Yes, there are still some blockbusters coming our way. Nevertheless, there is hardly anyone who doubts that Elden ring will be among the hottest contenders for Game of the Year at the end of the year. Not for nothing that dominates RPG the news for weeks.


There is of course a good reason for this. On the one hand, there is the fundamentally very high production quality. The game is chic and runs absolutely smoothly. On the other hand, one of the awaits you here most impressive open worlds of the past years. Add to that the hard but at the same time very rewarding gameplay of the soulslike Genres, the developer FromSoftware perfected here.

Elden Ring costs currently 61.99 euros. Depending on which other games you choose, you can push the price per title down quite a bit.

Get the Elden Ring on Amazon now

Motorsport is at home here: Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is one of the longest-lasting series on the PlayStation. The seventh part was recently released, which consistently continues the strengths of the series. Racing enthusiasts will get their money’s worth here, as will car enthusiasts.

In GT 7 you not only drive races, you also learn a lot about vehicles and the history of the automobile. thanks to the excellent graphics and the realistic controls you get closer to driving your dream car than ever before.

An extensive career ensures long-lasting motivation and if necessary you can also compete online with other drivers. Gran Turismo 7 currently costs 72.99 euros.

Get Gran Turismo 7 on Amazon now

The Return of the LEGO Knights

For three long years we had to do without a new LEGO title. However, the longest hiatus since the series began was worth it. with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga presents Traveler’s Tales the most comprehensive package we have ever enjoyed in the form of virtual blocks.

PS5 star wars

You can see the events from all nine episodes replay and into the plastic skin of over 300 different minifigures Hatch. There is also a new combat and leveling system, lots of collectibles and spaceships. The popular LEGO humor is of course also on board.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will cost you currently 59.99 euros. If you decide to play the three games presented, you would save these 59.99 euros completely. Per title would then be converted only 44.99 euros due!

Get LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on Amazon now

Choose from over 200 games

Of course, these were only three selected, brand new titles. The action at Amazon, however, includes games. Altogether there are over 200 games, mainly for PS4 and PS5 for you to choose from. There is sure to be something for everyone. Here’s a little foretaste:

All action games at Amazon

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