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343 Industries restructures: Nearly 100 layoffs and Halo moves to Unreal Engine, sources say

In recent weeks we have heard a lot of news and rumors about the state of 343 Industriesstudio in charge of the saga Halo in recent years: the 10,000 layoffs Announced by Microsoft in the middle of the month seem to have greatly affected this company, which is said to have lost a quarter of its workforce. In the absence of official details, new information continues to appear that talks about 343 Industries is in the process of restructuring.

According to a new Bloomberg article signed by the journalist Jason Schreier343 Industries is going through a strong process of change: the study will have lost a total of 95 employees, at a minimum, including veterans and other professionals with a significant role in the development of the latest games. It is also emphasized that the subcontracted staffof great importance in the production of the study according to Schreier, would also have been affected by these dismissals and it is noted that they received the notifications with “few days in advance”.

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Halo moves to Unreal Engine and focuses on multiplayer

But the restructuring process does not stop at layoffs: as explained in the article, the saga Halo awaits a strong transformation that passes even through change graphics engine. The information suggests that the next Master Chief games will take place in Unreal Engine, leaving aside the Slipspace engine. This would begin to be applied in the next title, which would already be in the oven under the name of ‘Project Tatanka’ (is the one who was said to have a Format battle royale).

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Another fundamental point of the new stage of this study is that from now on, according to this information, Halo focus exclusively on his facet multiplayer, at least as far as the “immediate future” is concerned. At all times it is assumed that 343 Industries will continue working on the next games in the series after Halo Infinitesomething that the company itself wanted to make clear with an official statement.

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