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343 Industries states in a statement that ‘Halo is here to stay’


343 Industries states in a statement that ‘Halo is here to stay’

343 Industries, one of the major development studios for Xbox Game Studios, has recently been affected by a massive wave of layoffs that has harmed more than sixty employees. Given this news, there have been many players who have expressed their fear for the future of the saga Halo, which could be in danger due to the unstable situation that the company is going through. However, as confirmed through the account of Twitterthe franchise still has many years to go and “is here to stay”:

Halo and the Master Chief are here to stay. 343 Industries will continue to develop Halo now and in the future, including epic storytelling, multiplayer, and more of what makes Halo great. Halo“, we can read in the statement written by Pierre Hintze, head of 343i.

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Although this is good news in terms of the continuity of the franchise starring the Master Chief, the truth is that some players still feel somewhat unhappy about how the launch of new content has been managed for Halo Infinite, the most recent title in the series. That is why the 343i team must do their best in future installments to convince this sector of fans that Halo is in good hands.

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What did we say at the time about Halo Infinite?

“Despite the uncertainty surrounding its development, 343 Industries can take pride in what it has achieved with Halo Infinite, signing the best installment of the saga since Bungie abandoned it and one of the best games of all of 2021. A long campaEsports Extraswith impeccable shootings that never tire, a competitive multiplayer that could hardly be more fun and that has already left us countless moments, a great artistic direction and a spectacular soundtrack are his main letters of introduction, some virtues that easily overcome his few defects”, we conclude in our analysis. Remember that you have our guide at hand.

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