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4K resolution in Valorant during gameplay


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image via Valorant

The Valorant player play a game and strike with pistol during the match. Today we’re bringing you one more installment of Valorant to recall and recharge your summer break as you can see the best and amazing clip by Riot gamer, and the community member also.

In this case, we met Shoshi players in the first round of Breeze. While defending point A, the agent began to fight with four opponents, using the “classic” shooter pistols that all players equipped for free at the beginning of the round to complete them all.

In this video the player play the game and best 4K graphics you can see during the whole play.


The Valorant is famous by its team building and strategy. Most of the youtuber and community player play this game. And this time company introduce new and highly charge Graphic for its game.

You can see the game graphics quality below:

If you, are taking advantage of this summer to raise your rank in the Riot shooter , Then let us know what’s your next plan

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