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5 essential JRPGs of Xbox Game Pass – Xbox

Video games are a form of entertainment that has only increased in popularity to become an industry with millions and millions of dollars to its credit. However, in addition to being a form of enjoyment for people around the world, it is also a means of expression and a way of telling stories that actively involves the player. In other words, videogames have introduced a completely new way of creating stories, but their evolution over time has been gradual, and various factors have influenced it: cinema, literature, the culture of the time, and, above all, the technological revolution.

For example, the Japanese flooded the catalog of existing consoles with what we now call JRPG: a very specific type of role-playing game with highly identifiable codes. A type of game that little by little has been extended to Microsoft’s next-generation console with some proposals that are found in Xbox Game Pass and that deserve to be claimed.

Edge of Eternity

Any time passed was better”. We must repeat something of this in our minds as if it were a mantra, because the nostalgia industry is more present than ever. And if not, tell all those companies that are aware that we are inveterate nostalgics and that we are capable of going back. In this regard, to get hold of books that remind us of the 80s and 90s, games that only a few had before or find full movie theaters, for example, to see that movie that was initially intended for the youngest of the home.


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