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5 games for less than 5 euros on steam that

Steam always lures with good offers. But if you can’t find a good snapper, there are some games that don’t even cost 5 euros on a regular basis. We’ve picked a list of five different PC games for you that shouldn’t be missing from your library due to their good ratings and cult status.

According to which criteria were the games selected? In order to narrow down the Steam games, MeinMMO has selected the games for you according to the following criteria:

  • The games are available on Steam
  • The games usually cost less than €5, but they are not free
  • Game ratings are over 90%
  • These are not DLCs, but standalone games

So that you can get a better picture of the games, there is a trailer and a description for each title. A list of pros and cons will help you decide if the title might be something for you.

1. Among Us

Developer: Innersloth | Genre: Multiplayer Party Game | Release date: November 16, 2018 | Price: €4.49 | Steam page: Among Us

In Among Us you are part of a crew in which each member has to pursue his own tasks. For example, cables must be repaired or a numerical code must be entered correctly in order to advance the progress bar.

However, there are one or more traitors in the group trying to sabotage and kill the other members. If the scammers manage to kill all the other crew members, they win.

But the crew can fight back: There are emergency meetings in which suspicious crew members can be accused and thrown out of the game. If all traitors are among them, the round goes to the crew.

Among Us – Hide n Seek Trailer The Game Awards

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  • easy to understand
  • funny character design
  • multiple modes and maps

  • Tasks too monotonous in the long run
  • Game fun strongly dependent on the group

Who is Among Us worthwhile for? Among Us is worthwhile for all those who are looking for a new party game as a tight-knit group. Playing with strangers is usually only half the fun.

The special thing about the game is that you can communicate with each other and draw your own conclusions. Talking suspects out can lead to funny moments.

2. Plants vs Zombies GOTY Edition

Developer: PopCap Games | Genre: Strategy | Release date: May 05, 2009 | Price: €4.99 | Steam page: Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition

The multiplayer shooter of the same name should be familiar to many of you. But in this tower defense title you side with the plants and fend off the zombies. Place the plants in such a way that they form an efficient attack pattern, allowing the undead to repel.

There are five different modes with 50 levels available to you. Due to the different types of plants and zombies, the game doesn’t get boring that quickly.

Plants vs Zombies Game Trailer

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  • fun gameplay
  • chic comic design

  • no multiplayer mode
  • Scope is a bit poor

Who is Plants vs Zombies GOTY Edition for? The title is worthwhile for all those who want to switch off after strenuous activities and are open to a round or two of the game. It requires a bit of brain power, but doesn’t overwhelm the player.

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