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5 of the best items in Escape from Tarkov that sell well

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Escape from Tarkov is all about looting, finding an extraction point and securing your own cargo. For this reason, we show you 5 of the best items in the exctration shooter that you should take with you and sell well.


Where can I sell these items? After a hard day of looting after a server wipe, the Escape from Tarkov mercenaries come back from the battlefield and can then sell their looted items. These can be used for a wide variety of currencies at:

  • Set up and sell a flea market
    • A market where items can be sold between players
  • Sell ​​to dealers

While it’s tempting as a player to grab and sell everything, you should actually pay attention to which items are worthwhile and which are not.

Some are not only possibly too heavy, but also take up too much space or cause you to have to pay exorbitant fees if you sell them at the flea market. For this reason, we will show you in this guide which items you should definitely salvage.

Escape from Tarkov Gameplay – Battle for Concordia

Small items with a lot of value are the most worthwhile

Where does our information come from? For this guide, we have ventured into the depths of some item tier lists from experts, compared them with one another and thus created a new overview.

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If you have a different opinion or prefer different items, please let us know what you think in the comments. But now we come to the individual items, where you can get them and how much they can bring in.


Pincers – Normal, Round, and Elite

Escape From Tarkov Elite Tongs
The elite tongs in particular are very lucrative (Image via

Where can I get pliers? Each type of pliers can be found mostly on dead Scavs, in gym bags, and in toolboxes. If you find any yellow tongs, take them with you and rebuild them into Round Tongs in your workbench, increasing their value on the market.

How much are they selling for? Depending on the version, you can get between 10,000 and 22,000 rubles just by selling it at NPC vendors. You can also sell the elite tongs at the flea market, but it will take a while for someone to snap up.

AFAK – First Aid Kit

Escape From Tarkov AFAK
Pay attention to your charges, these make up the value (Image via

Where can I get AFAK? You can get AFAK from green wooden boxes, gym bags, and from the blue jacket that is in the trunk of the blue car at the military checkpoint.

How much is AFAK selling for? It depends on how big the current charge of your AFAK is. Anything over 250% can easily be peddled through the dealers for a total of over 20,000 rubles.

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Melee weapons – crowbars, bayonets, axes

Escape from Tarkov Ancient Axe
The ancient ax brings you lots of coal (Image via

Where can I get melee weapons? That depends on what melee weapon you’re looking for. The Ancient Ax can be scavenged from 5×5 Crates, from Scavs or Scav Raiders.

How much do melee weapons sell for? That depends on where you sell them. Certainly not much in the flea market, but if you sell them at the NPC dealer “Jaeger”, you will get prices between 10,000 and 50,000 rubles.


The good thing is, if you die with one of these melee weapons, it stays in your inventory. This allows you to constantly fill up your bank account even though you haven’t looted anything in a round.

Key – 114 and 214

Where can I get key 114? You can find the key in the blue jacket on the blue truck in the military checkpoint. Note that you only have one chance to find the key.

Where can I get key 214? You can find the key between the pallets in Garage 88, which is in turn located in Customs. Note that you only have one chance to find the key.


How much are the keys sold for? You can sell the keys at the flea market, but it is better to keep them for the therapist. She will give you at least 22,000-26,000 rubles for each of these keys.

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Stims – All the stimulators you can find

Where can I get Stims? This varies, as the red combat stimulant injector “SJ1 TGLabs” can be traded to the Therapist, while the rest can be found in the lab, with the boss “Sanitary” or his guards with a bit of luck.

How much are the Stims sold for? That depends on the flea market and its stock. If necessary, they can be set there. For quick money, however, it is worth visiting the therapist.


She likes to buy these stims for 13,000 to 21,000 rubles. The good thing about the Stims is that they take up little space and yet they bring in a lot of money for what they charge you.

That was our list of the 5 best items that you can definitely sell well and above all lucratively for money. Which items do you like to sell and which items should we add to our list? Please leave us a comment!


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