5 Powerful weapons in Destiny 2 that will prepare you optimally for the day-one raid

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In Destiny 2, there are only a few days left until the new raid “The Apprentice’s Oath”. That’s why we show you 5 weapons that you should definitely take with you, as they can help you either against champions, for DPS or with add clearing.

What are these weapons? These are mostly Exos that will come in handy in a variety of situations. “Ad clearing”, possible wardens and the necessary DPS were taken into account and that’s why we came up with five weapons.

When does the raid start? The raid starts on March 5, 2022 at 7 p.m. If you need further information, we have summarized everything important for you:

5 weapons essential for new raid in Witch Queen

The focus was to select weapons that have proven very useful over time. We came across the following five candidates:

1. Osteo Striga – Exotic SMG for normal opponents

The new lethal injection – Osteo Striga

What is this weapon? It is the exotic SMG “Osteo Striga”. Only customers who ordered the Deluxe Edition received this weapon. So if you’ve already liked the hermit spider in the past, you’ll like its younger brother all the more.

Why is she so special? This slow-firing SMG fires homing and poisonous parasites. If you have killed an enemy or hit it with sufficient precision hits, a poison pulse is released. This poisons surrounding enemies and when they die a pulse is released again.

So if you need a good weapon for smaller groups of enemies, this lethal injection will help you thin out your enemy masses. With the catalyst completed, it gets even better.

How do I get the gun? If you own the Deluxe Edition, you must have completed the Witch Queen campaEsports Extrasin order to craft it. If you need the more precise steps, we link you to our Osteo Striga Guide:

2. The Enigma – The new melee and ranged hybrid

Destiny 2 The Enigma
The new glaive has it all

What is this weapon? The glaive is a new weapon branch implemented with Witch Queen. With her you have the opportunity to cover close and long-range combat and to protect yourself. So if you need an ace up your sleeve, you should pocket it.

Why is she so special? You can customize the glaive to your liking. You can try out different perks and then test them to have the right racket ready for the raid. You can also block with your glaive to safely revive dead Guardians. Blocked shots are blocked 100%.

If that’s not enough, you can also hit your targets over long distances and with a lot of damage. This makes the glaive a very good option. Additionally, the artifact also offers the mods to take down unstoppable and overcharged champions. So you cover a wide area, which will make up the fighting.

Bungie game director Joe Blackburn had via Twitter pointed out today that Bungie sees the oppressive glaive as problematic for the day-one raid. But we assume that the new weapon type will not be completely deactivated. However, you should expect both short-term solutions to protect the World First race and longer-term adjustments.

How do I get the gun? You get the weapon when you start the Witch Queen storyline. All you have to do is complete the first mission. Once you’ve done that, you’ll gain access to the forge to create your first glaive in the enclave.

3. Good old Gjallarhorn

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn
The Legend of Rocket Launchers – The Gjallarhorn

What is this weapon? This is the exotic rocket launcher “Gjallarhorn”. This legend was known among Destiny 1 players as the “Boss Destroyer” and was able to leave many Guardians speechless when it was released at the time. In Destiny 2, the squirrel can also perform well with its perks.

Why is she so special? This rocket launcher’s intrinsic perk, Pack Missiles, gives you missiles that transform into homing projectiles on impact. If you are in a group equipped only with Legendary Rocket Launchers, they will also receive Pack Missiles.

How do I get the gun? This Exo is tied to a quest that came with the 30th Anniversary Pack. If you need a guide, we will show you step by step how to do it:

4. Hegemony

Destiny 2 Hegemony
Destiny 2 Hegemony

What is this weapon? This is the legendary ritual weapon “Hegemony”. This weapon can deal very high damage with an aimed combo and deliver a hard blow to opponents. So if you still need a heavy weapon, this could be your choice.

Why is she so special? This rocket launcher comes with the predetermined perks “Explosive Light” and “Chain Reaction”. Depending on the situation, you can adapt your weapon in order to defy all dangers. If you pair this weapon with collected light orbs, the boss spec mod and a friend with the Gjallarhorn, you can do massive damage to bosses.

How do I get the gun? This weapon was given by the heads of various activities like Gambit, Vanguard or Crucible in Season 15, so if you didn’t get hold of it, you can still buy it from the legacy kiosk in the tower. The price amounts to floppy:

  • 75,000 Glimmer
  • 100 Legendary Shards
  • 2 Enhancement Prisms
  • 1 Ascendant Fragment

5. Divinity

Destiny 2 Divinity
The Vex-Exo – The divinity with its white orb

What is this weapon? This is an exotic arc tracer rifle. This weapon has often made life easier for the guardians in many raids and should therefore not be missing from this list.

Why is she so special? Able to stop overloaded champions with ease, this weapon envelops all enemies, including bosses, in a white web. Should your squad have trouble hitting your boss at the critical point, the white net can help you. This increases the hitbox.

How do I get the gun? The weapon is tied to a secret quest introduced with Shadowkeep. For this you will be sent to the “Garden of Salvation” raid and have to solve some puzzles, followed by the successful completion of the raid.

Are there more guns? There are enough weapons in Destiny 2 that you can switch to. You should also value champions, as they will likely be present. In addition to legendary alternatives, the new worm launcher for smaller bosses or majors might also be worthwhile, as it causes more damage if you have killed enough enemies.

A last secret weapon tip for you: Resourceful players have discovered that the Wardcliff Coil may have received a secret buff. It’s also possible that it’s a bug. But a comparison was made in the dungeon “Dog of Greed” on the ogre boss. The Coil went up against the Gjallarhorn there, and in the process the giant nozzle won with 1.2M damage against the squirrel with 900,000 damage. The weapon could turn out to be an insider tip in the new raid. So if you are undecided, try it and make both options ready for your raid start.

What do you think of the weapon list? Do you have other favorites or do you take most of our selection with you in your arsenal? Let us know!


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