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Elden Ring

5 powerful weapons in Elden Ring that you should play in patch 1.04

In Elden Ring, FromSoftware completely turned the weapon meta upside down in patch 1.04. Where katanas once dominated the battlefield, different rules now prevail. We’ll show you which weapons you should definitely try now.

What has been changed? Many things have been adjusted in patch 1.04. Not only magic and invocations got a buff, but also all colossal weapons and many different weapon talents. FromSoftware didn’t nerf your Blood builds, but created new alternatives that overshadow the old meta.

So players don’t have to do without their blood builds with their favorite katana “Bloody Streams”, but can continue to use them profitably without hesitation. Nevertheless, the adjustments have given players better alternatives to create other builds. We will therefore show you which weapons you should definitely try out.

5 Weapons You Should Definitely Try

We’ve settled on several weapon types that benefited from the 1.04 patch in this list. In doing so, we agreed on weapons that have emerged the most strongly from the changes. So there should be something for some playstyles. This is our selection:

  • Morgott’s Cursed Sword
  • Royal greatsword
  • Mohgwyn’s holy spear
  • Greatsword of the Godslayer
  • Darkmoon Light Greatsword

We will show you the weapons, what made them better after the patch and where you can find them.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword

Elden Ring Morgott's Cursed Sword
An underestimated scimitar

What has been improved on the weapon? The Sword of Morgott is a good weapon, however the weapon skill speed was too slow to keep up with other weapons. In patch 1.04, weapon skill speed has increased many times over.

You can now quickly run to your enemies, hit them with the Bloodcurse Slash, and get back to a safe distance without wasting much animation time. In addition, the large curved sword is now particularly worthwhile for catching fleeing opponents in PvP, since your talent is now activated faster.

Where can I find the weapon? The weapon can be obtained from the memory of Morgott, the King of the Mark. For this you have to go with the memory to the two fingers in the round table. Once there, the finger reader is waiting to turn your memories into gear.

Royal greatsword

Elden Ring Royal Greatsword
Blaidd’s Greatsword

What has been improved on the weapon? The royal greatsword is one of the giant swords. In patch 1.04, they received a buff in their attack speed and damage.

So you can hit faster with the giant club and are not doomed to linger in the animation for a long time. In addition, the talent of the weapon “Wolf Attack” has also been accelerated. So you perform your forward somersault faster, followed by the ice storm you leave behind when you pull out the sword. This makes Blaidd the Halfwolf’s sword more agile and better in battle.

Where can I find the weapon? You can only succumb to the weapon if you follow Ranni’s quest. To do this, you must fight Blaidd, who has gone berserk, who drops this sword as a reward during part of your journey.

Mohgwyn’s holy spear

Elden Ring Mohgwyn's Holy Spear
Mohgwyn’s holy spear

What has been improved on the weapon? This sadistic instrument of torture also received a buff in its “Blood Favor Ritual” animation. You can set your tricks faster to better deal with the enemies around you. Additionally, this spear benefits from an area-wide bleed effect, turning you into a walking killing machine.

Where can I get the gun? To get the weapon, you must kill Mohgwyn, who resides in his blood-soaked palace. Once you have defeated him, you can go to the round table thanks to his memory of the finger reader. She will lend you this spear in exchange.

Greatsword of the Godslayer

Elden Ring Greatsword of the Godslayer
A grandiose giant sword

What has been improved on the weapon? Not only does the Godslayer Greatsword now attack faster and has increased damage, but you can now cancel the animation of your weapon talent.

If you realize during your first Black Flame Fan Strike that an enemy or boss is going to hit you, you can dodge your action. So you stop your animation and can fight more agile.

The fact that the weapon already uses a wide attack surface makes this sword a very good option for combat.

Where can I find the weapon? You can find the sword in the Sacred Tower of Caelid. There you have to fight a boss. If you have defeated your opponent in the tower, you can advance into a small room that houses a chest. The sword is in this chest.

Darkmoon greatsword

Elden Ring Darkmoon Greatsword
Ranni’s icy sword

What has been improved on the weapon? The Darkmoon Light Greatsword can now score with reduced weapon talent FP cost. If you have encased your weapon in ice thanks to the talent, your attacks will freeze your opponents faster. On top of that, your weapon can now fire icy projectiles at your opponents faster.

Where can I find the weapon? The blade can be found during the quest from Ranni. To do this, you must complete the quest to the end and then receive the sword as a final reward.

Those were our recommendations to you. However, there was a wide variety of weapons that benefited from patch 1.04. So don’t be surprised if one of your weapons isn’t there. Every player has their favourites, we just want to give you another perspective.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss a gem? Let us know in the comments if you changed your build after the patch or if you’re still showing your allegiance to the Rivers of Blood.


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