+50% performance vs. Intel

+50% performance vs. intel

Tom Henry

+50% performance vs. Intel

AMD is unstoppable when it comes to microprocessors for servers and work stations refers, and the new Threadripper 7995WX based on Zen 4 and its almighty 96 cores were not going to be an exception. What is its relative performance of the most powerful of the Threadripper 7000 relative to other CPUs in the same market segment? Well, we can finally know its performance, at least in geekbench.

The new AMD Threadripper Pro 7995X It is composed of 96 Zen 4 cores capable of running up to 192 threads and running at 5.15 GHza speed that it reaches thanks to its 350W PTO. As for its total cache memory, it is 384 MB for the third level and 96 MB for the second level.

This is the performance of the AMD Threadripper Pro 7995X in Geekbench

Threadripper 7995X Geekbench performance

Finally we can know what is the performance of the AMD Threadripper Pro 7995Xat least through geekbenchand although compared to a Ryzen 7000 at the same frequency you get the same performance in the test for a single core, 2095 pointsAfter all, both are Zen 4is in the multicore test where their 96 cores are noted with an impressive result of 81,408 points.

To put you in perspective, his direct predecessor, the Threadripper Pro 5995WX required a overclocked to 4.35GHz to reach the 48,025 points under the same benchmark. Therefore, if we take the standard chip of the previous generation as a reference, then we are talking about a jump greater than 70%. Of course, how much of the secret is the increase in the number of coreswhich has passed 64 to 96. Then you just need to add one higher clock speed, a top 20%and the Zen 4 architecture improvementsand with this we have the explanation of such an increase in performance.

Currently, AMD has not yet launched these processors on the market, but they are expected this quarter, so it should not be long before we see them on sale. Comparatively, they are the same processor as the AMD EPYC based on Zen 4, to the point where they use the same sockethe SP6. However, the big difference is that they are not designed to work 24/7 on a server and therefore are much more prepared to reach higher performance peaks. After all, the use of a Workstation is different.

And in front of Intel?

AMD Threadripper Cover

For workstations, Intel’s most powerful processor is also based on its commitment to current servers: Sapphire Rapids. Specifically, the flagship processor is the Intel Xeon W9-3495X 56 core and a TDP also 350 W and of which we already told you about its performance back in the month of February. This is precisely the processor that has forced AMD to launch the Threadripper Pro 7995X and its little brothers on the market.

Well then, Intel chip reaches more than 56,000 pointsin multicore under Geekbench too, so they had managed to beat the Threadripper Pro 5995X, but now again the ball is in Pat Gelsinger’s court and especially with emerald rapids, heto the next generation of Intel Xeon. For the moment, and until well into 2024, the crown returns to AMD.

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