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6 new MMORPGs that will definitely be released in 2023

The year 2023 should bring some new .s, at least if the developers can stick to their plans. Six pieces have already been officially announced for 2023, with several more having the potential to appear. We introduce you to the new .s in this list.

What is this list? On MeinMMO we regularly present new .s that are yet to be released. So that you don’t lose track of which games are currently in development, we have created this list.


All titles mentioned here have officially announced their release for 2023 here in the west. We’ll tell you what makes the games special and how likely their release is this year.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the currently best .s, you will find them here: The 15 currently best MMOs and .s 2023.

This article was last updated on March 29, 2023. We removed Chainmonsters, updated TL, Blue Protocol and some more games and adjusted links.


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Throne and Liberty

Setting: Fantasy | developer: NCSoft | platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox | release date: First half of 2023 | Model: Unknown

What kind of game is this? TL was originally announced as Lineage 3 or Lineage Eternal. However, it was redesigned from the ground up in 2017 to become a “true next-gen .”.

  • The game world should be completely open.
  • You play in third person and not in iso perspective as originally planned.
  • You can choose from various weapons such as sword, bow and magic wand, because similar to New World there are no fixed classes.
  • There should be a variety of ways to get around, including climbing hooks and the transformation into a flying or aquatic animal.
  • The environment should play an important role. Much depends on day, night or the weather.
  • In the game you will encounter huge world bosses again and again.
  • Castle sieges play an important role.

When creating a character you can only choose people, but the editor should be very detailed and you can even upload a photo from which an AI then creates an image for your character.

Although a lot sounds very interesting on paper and the graphics are particularly convincing, the first testers revealed details that didn’t sound so good. So the combat system is supposed to be boring and at night there is probably PvP in the open world without penalties.


The . will be developed by NCSoft, which has already had success with Blade & Soul, Aion and Lineage, and the western publisher will be Amazon.

New . hope from Korea finally shows lots of gameplay in new trailer


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Who is it interesting for? Throne and Liberty is aimed at . fans who are waiting for a new game from Korea that also has a really big budget. The PvP seems to play an important role and it’s a bit unclear what exactly the PvE will look like.

However, NCSoft has to deliver with Throne and Liberty, since a lot of money has already flowed into the development. A small niche . with autoplay would not be enough.


How likely is the 2023 release? 75% In between it was said that Throne and Liberty should even come in 2021. At that time the game had no name and no trailer.

Then the . should definitely appear in 2022, but only the first tests took place there. The release seems likely in 2023, even if a postponement is still possible.

You can get more details about Throne and Liberty here: Throne and Liberty: Everything about the release, classes and gameplay of the new .



Setting: Fantasy | developer: Dynamight Studios | platform: PC | release date: 2023 | Model: Buy2Play

What kind of game is this? Fractured is a sandbox game that is essentially similar to Ultima Online. You experience the . in the iso perspective and should basically be able to play however you want. For this purpose, Fractured relies on a very special concept.

There are 3 playable races, each corresponding to your player type:

  • If you play a beastman, you live on a planet with only PvE content.
  • If you choose a human, you get a planet with restricted PvP and a karma system for griefers.
  • When you play a demon, you enter a world that is all about PvP. The focus here is on constant action and full loot.
  • Each planet has its own biomes, assets, and customized geography. It will be possible to switch between the worlds, but this is subject to severe limitations.

Fractured also dispenses with fixed classes and instead offers you a talent tree. There you can distribute the points you have earned according to your wishes and to suit your playing style. The . also wants to reduce the grind aspect by constantly inviting you to explore and kill new monsters via a knowledge system in order to level up your skills instead of always experiencing the same activities.

In the endgame, the focus is on the cities, which can be controlled by different guilds and conquered in PvP. There will be 30 large and over 90 small cities that players will fight over.

New sandbox . starts the closed beta in a few days – Here’s how you can participate


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Who is it interesting for? Fractured is aimed at sandbox fans who enjoy grinding but don’t want to experience the same activities over and over again. The special concept of the three worlds should appeal to PvE and PvP fans. However, many still doubt that there will be enough content at the start.

How likely is the 2023 release? 75% The developers had already released Fractured in Early Access on Steam, but the final version should take some time. Everything pointed to a safe release in the first half of 2023.


But then there was a change of provider for the servers. The game was shut down for the first time on January 31st, but should come back in time. What that means exactly and when the . returns is not known.