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6 simple tips to make your PS5 controller battery last longer

6 simple tips to make your ps5 controller battery last

With the DualSense as an input device for the PS5, Sony didn’t just surprise with the new name when the first details were published. Thanks to advanced functions, it clearly sets itself apart from its predecessor in terms of technology. However, if all features are activated, they are at the expense of the battery life. We show you how the battery in the DualSense lasts longer with the help of 6 simple tips.

Sony has created a gamepad for the PS5 that takes your gaming experience to a new immersive level. But these innovations also mean that you often have to connect your controller with a cable or use an extra charging station.


Our colleagues from 3D Juegos have put together 6 tips for you, which you can use to save battery power while playing and no longer have to interrupt your gaming session. Not all of the following settings are obvious to find, but can be set in simple steps via the PS5 configuration menu.

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Tips for more battery life

Reduce/disable vibration intensity and trigger effect intensity

Vibration and the adaptive triggers for haptic feedback make games significantly more immersive. The remaining battery capacity will thank you if you do the following:

  • The PS button in the center of the controller takes you to the gear icon for all settings
  • Then select Accessories -> Controller (general) -> Vibration intensity -> choose a lower vibration level or switch it off completely

The same way applies to the adaptive triggers with the PS button via the settings:

  • Select Accessories -> Controller (general) -> Trigger Effect Intensity -> Decrease Intensity or disable it altogether

Feel free to try the different options below the strongest option. Even the next lower intensity still ensures a sufficiently immersive playing experience, but at the same time protects the battery.

Adjust the brightness of the controller lights

Also for this option you use the known path for the settings:

  • PS button -> gear icon -> accessories -> controller (general) -> controller light brightness

The glow cannot be switched off completely, but at least the luminosity can be reduced, which in turn benefits the battery.

Controller speaker volume

It is also battery-saving to reduce the volume of the loudspeaker built into the DualSense. As already mentioned, you can find the option via the path:

  • PS Button -> Gear Icon -> Accessories -> Controller (General) -> Similar Settings -> Controller Speaker -> Sound -> Volume

However, some games use the speaker instead of the TV boxes for certain audio outputs and effects. If you turn the volume all the way down, games will ignore it and you may miss important details. Therefore, it is recommended to disable this feature in the games themselves.

Mute built-in microphone

The integrated microphone can be deactivated at the touch of a button via the small LED below the PS button. However, this only remains active until the console is switched off and then has to be set again. It makes more sense to have this activated automatically at the next start:

  • PS button -> Gear icon -> Sound -> Microphone -> Microphone status when logged in

Select “mute” here and look forward to a little more privacy.

Switch off the controller when the game is interrupted, even better: set the time until the controller is switched off

There are sometimes situations that force you to pause the current game and focus on more important things. If you don’t have to stop gambling head over heels, a press of the PS button is enough to get to the Control Center below on the PS5 home page. There you can switch off your current input device via the controller symbol. It’s even easier if this happens automatically. To do this, go back to the settings:

  • PS button -> gear icon -> system -> save power -> set the time before the controllers turn off

You have the choice between 10, 30 and 60 minutes. The lowest option is more than adequate, as pressing the PS button turns the DualSense back on.

Plays older games with a PS4 gamepad

Our sixth and final tip doesn’t directly relate to the PS5’s controller, but it still makes sure it has enough capacity for PS5 games. If you still own a Dual Shock 4 from the older PlayStation 4, you’re in luck. Connect it to the PS5 and use it to play your old backward compatible PS4 titles. The newer DualSense can’t apply its features to games that originally appeared on the previous console compared to the aging predecessor.

With these tips you can now extend the battery life of your PS5 controllers. So nothing stands in the way of extended gaming sessions.

Have you already used the above tips? How are your experiences with it?


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