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75 million offline users, Russia wants to “talk”

Russia this time does not occupy the usual leading role in the news using the war against Ukraine, but its battle will now be against Apple. A battle of words, then Russia ask for explanations to Manzana for having removed from the App Store the VKontakte application the largest Russian social network that competes against Facebook.

Russia already has enough to deal with the battle against Ukraine and the numerous sanctions it has received since the start of it. As we know, many brands and companies have banned Russia, avoiding selling their products in the country. This also implies the use of software and even the social networks of the country. In fact, due to UK sanctions, Apple has been forced to remove a widely used social network from the App Store and Russia wants an explanation.

Apple removes Russian social network Facebook competitor from its store

VKontakte Competition Facebook

Apple is getting into swampy ground by carrying out this action, since it has removed from its App Store, the largest Russian social network with 75 million monthly users. Under the name of VKontakte, it is considered the rival of Facebook in Putin’s country and its developer is the second largest Russian Internet company, V.K.. But not only has that application been affected, because Apple has also blocked, VK Music Y youla classifieds. Of course, it is confirmed that these they still work on devices that already have them installed, yes, with difficulties in notifications and payments.

VK announces that in recent months they have made an effort to add updates to their products so that they are competent, but none of this has served the law. For this reason, it recommends the 75 million monthly users to switch to the desktop version or to the android apps. This is because this still available on the Google Play Storewhere there are no signs that it will be removed for now.

This has given Russia a red flag, where the country’s regulator, Roskomnadzorclaimed that this Apple action demands an explanation, as it has left millions of Russian citizens without access to VK apps. Apple, for its part, explains that it has been forced to withdraw these apps due to the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United Kingdom. These can no longer be downloaded from the App Store and in fact, it has reached cancel developer accounts of these applications.

The founders of this social network and Telegram oppose Russia

Pavel Durov God Opposition Russia

Although Apple suspended all sales of its products in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, it continued to maintain the App Store without major changes. Just because of the new sanctions imposed on members of the Gazprombank and Sberbank banks, linked to the Russian government, has made Apple move tab. We are talking about a total of 39 members of two banks in the country, which have about 50% of VK. That said, the founders of VKontaktethis popular Russian social network targeted by the news, are the same ones who created Telegram, the Durov brothers.

Under the name of Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov, these entrepreneurs decided to be against Russia. In fact, his own encrypted messaging application Telegram has been in conflict with Putin’s country for years. Between these, Pavel Durov has already left VK and even Russia for not handing over the data of the Ukrainian protesters and do not follow orders to block the Russian opposition leader’s VK page Alexei Navalny. We will see in a few days how the elimination of Facebook’s Russian competitor by Apple affects and if Russia decides to put more pressure or accept the consequences of its sanctions.

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