+75% performance than Intel

+75% performance than intel

Tom Henry

+75% performance than Intel

It has been through a leak, but the slides that we are going to see are official from AMD, so the confirmation of what we already saw is a fact, and it is more serious for Intel than it seemed at first. And the new Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 are going to leave the Santa Clara headquarters shaking, because the mammoth, and top of the range of the series, Threadripper PRO 7995WX has shown its performance, and it is a real beast, without more.

It will be the top of the range, the most powerful option, which will integrate 96 Cores based on Zen 4. And although the Core by Core comparison is not fair, because it faces the Intel Xeon W9-3495X with 56 coresit is true that it is the fastest option that Intel has on the table…

AMD Threadripper PRO 7995WX, its performance literally humiliates Intel


And there is no more appropriate adjective when looking at AMD’s leaked data. It is true that they do not specify exactly how they do the tests, how they measure and under what conditions, but we understand that there is a certain reliability as it is official data from one of the parties. In short, what AMD has shown is that its new Threadripper PRO 7995WX 96 Cores has unprecedented performance in WS, managing to render a scene in 657 seconds.

Intel for its part, with the Xeon W9-3495Xmanages to do it in 1,125 seconds. Not only can the 56 Cores not compete with AMD’s 96, but the GAP between both processors gives a percentage difference of the 75%. That is, the option of AMD is up to 75% faster than Intel for the same market segment: Workstation.

Taking into account that the percentage difference regarding number of cores is 71.42% In AMD’s favor, achieving 75% more performance scales perfectly. The problem here, obviously, is that Intel can’t keep up with implementing Cores on an AMD CPU with Sapphire Rapids, so it will bite the dust until future generations arrive.

Pat Gelsinger’s will not compete with the Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 either


It is, objectively, a problem for the blues. AMD is going to erase Intel from the map with a stroke of a pen, because according to the next slide The Threadripper PRO 5000 will also be superior to any Sapphire Rapids CPUspecifically, for a +20%.

And be careful with this detail of naming the PRO 5000 series in these slides, because someone has realized that The IHS that they have shown is the same as in the new PRO 7000. This means that there may be duality of platforms, reaching socket SP6 and SP5 depending on the amount of RAM channels (4 vs 8) that are needed.

In other words, AMD could launch two platforms, one “cheap” and one expensive, segmenting the Workstation market into two and leaving Intel in the lurch, which cannot compete in any way and is recovering after its changes in strategy. Will Granite Rapids be able to slow down and compete with the upcoming Threadripper Zen 5 CPUs?

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