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8 Announcements Highlights From Nintendo Indie World: The Games And Trailers We Liked The Most

The new selection of indies for the hybrid has left us with several announcements to take into account.


Nintendo has once again shown us its love for indie developments with a fairly complete Nintendo Indie World. Among all the advertisements of the Big N, we can perceive a trend that encompasses genres such as narrative adventuresthe soulslike and the platform pure and simple, which is why its live is the perfect opportunity to discover little gems for Nintendo Switch.

Through a broadcast of just over 20 minutes, Nintendo has left us with some adventures to take into account in the indie scene. If you want to know the most interesting proposals of the presentation, take a look at everything that has caught our attention.

Souls-style games come in all shapes and colors, so no one should be surprised that at this point, an independent studio has chosen to create their own souls using a crab as the protagonist. This is the fun premise of Another Crab’s Treasure, an RPG action adventure that invites us to explore the depths of the sea while we fight against all kinds of creatures using the special abilities of the main crustacean. After six years fighting to get this project off the ground, this game is scheduled to be released in PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

The Glumberland team has managed to create a cocktail that all players looking for adorable adventures will love with a premise that invites us to care for and train creatures called Ooblets. These beings will flourish in our peaceful farm and will accompany us throughout dozens of adventures throughout a city where we can make friends with the locals, manage a store and carry out impression dances. The Ooblets will arrive on Nintendo Switch this summer and will bring us a thousand excuses to enjoy their company.

The authors of the fantastic Gato Roboto have presented their new work: Gunbrella, a promising noir-punk style action adventure that takes us to a dark world full of monsters, gangsters, fanatics… and of course, many dangers. In the skin of a woodcutter in search of revenge, we can collect all kinds of waste to improve our peculiar weapon, an umbrella that is much more than it appears. With pixel art graphics and old-school combat, it’s one of the most eye-catching projects from the latest Nintendo Indie World. It will premiere in Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023.

The Stormind Games and Team17 tandem drops into Nintendo’s presentation with a non-linear story that will catch us with hack & slash mechanics seasoned with frenetic shooting. In Batora: Lost Haven we control Avril, a 16-year-old girl whose extraordinary powers will be essential to save the world. We will have to maintain a delicate balance between physical and mental powers if we want to overcome all obstacles, which adds to the possibility of making decisions that could change our destiny. Batora: Lost Haven is coming to switch at some point of this autumn.

Developed by a single person, this game of 2D platformers and puzzles It stands out for its retro aesthetic, which inevitably makes you think of classic games like Mega Man, featuring a robot that also reminds you of the friendly Chibi Robo. With the mission of “returning light to the world”, every time we touch walls, floors or switches, they will channel the electricity of the protagonist, called Elec, generating disparate effects in the world around him. He can also “take off his head and throw it”, allowing him to navigate various puzzles. ElecHead is scheduled to premiere this summer.

Have you ever been hooked on the melodies of a game? Soundfall invites us to discover all its music while executing actions to the rhythm of the songs, which will allow us to attack the hordes of the Discordance with an addictive mix of mechanics. With the possibility of listening to more than 140 songs and customizing our skills with more than 500 pieces of equipment, Drastic Games and Noodlecake appeal to music lovers with a proposal that is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Card games have experienced remarkable popularity in recent years, and indie developers have not hesitated to explore all the possibilities of this genre. Deadpan Games and Chucklefish, publishers of the iconic Stardew Valley, have joined forces to battle the harsh winter of the Wildfrost through customizable cards, effective strategies, and roguelike elements. As you progress through the game, you can also improve and expand a small town that will give you rewards such as new cards, items, events, and challenges. As you can imagine, Wildfrost is scheduled for release in switch and it will hit the market sometime next winter.

The seas keep endless secrets, and the Spiral Circus and Fireshine Games teams propose us to discover some of the darkest. Through an experience devoid of bright colors, SILT invites us to explore the disturbing ocean depths in an adventure where puzzles and threats will not be lacking. The game will allow us to control some of the most terrifying creatures of the underwater scene, which will help us overcome obstacles and access some of the most hidden mysteries. Spiral Circus and Fireshine Games invite us to immerse ourselves in SILT via Nintendo Switch the month of June.

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