8 Horrible and Nefarious Things About Super Mario RPG

8 horrible and nefarious things about super mario rpg

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8 Horrible and Nefarious Things About Super Mario RPG

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The Super Mario saga has many games, some of which are in the process of going on sale in a few months. While the vast majority of Super Mario games are outstanding, there are some things that could have been polished better, or some questionable gameplay decisions that could be improved for the future of the game or for future installments in the franchise. Although we understand that this article can be somewhat controversial, the objective is to focus the community debate on what could be better in Super Mario RPG, one of the next games that will be released this year 2023.

Save the Starway?

This is the pretext that shapes Super Mario RPG. And this is how the whole story begins to be structured. While this may be a very interesting premise, what this does is that Mario has to ally with those who were always his enemies, something that can clash in the lore and history of the franchise, especially if we take into account that the latest products in the saga have gone along the lines of Mario and Peach on the one hand, and Bowser, for example, on the other totally opposite. Although this decision is not something horrible for the development of the game, we can say that it could have been approached in a different way, giving the main plot another escape route. Do you think the same?

The new approach to Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG

The new approach that we have seen in Super Mario RPG makes us think seriously if this is the path that the future of the franchise has to take, or if, on the contrary, it has to opt more towards the side of Super Mario Wonder, another of the games that will come in a few months and will put the entire Mario saga “upside down”. With this artistic approach that Nintendo has wanted to give to Super Mario RPG, many will be happy while others will bet more towards the designs that we can see, for example, in Wonder, which seem more mature and not as infantilized as the ones we can see in this installment. However, for tastes there are multiple opinions and we will be happy to read yours.

Is the alliance between Mario and Bowser a success?

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That Mario and Bowser ally to protect the Starway can be a very good premise, although it somewhat clashes with the attitude of both characters who have always faced each other. Bowser loves destruction and control everything, if there is no galaxy to control, his purpose is meaningless. This is what leads him to join forces with Mario in Super Mario RPG. However, as we have mentioned before, this is not the best decision. It could have been a script twist regarding the 1996 storyand have opted for something different outside of this line for both characters.

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Eccentric allies and offbeat enemies

Super Mario RPG

This does not have to be something especially negative, but it is true that part of Mario’s essence goes through his enemies and his adversaries, the koopas and many more. If the game is based on creating completely new enemies, and the essence of the usual characters is lost a bit, it may end up being a play that does not end up sitting well with you. Anyway, this is something that we will discover as soon as we play the title, and we will know if this new installment does justice to its predecessor and lays a good foundation to recreate old Super Mario stories.

Yoshi does not appear on the cover of the new Super Mario RPG

8 Horrible and Nefarious Things About Super Mario RPG8 Horrible and Nefarious Things About Super Mario RPG

One of the great absences that we have seen on the cover of this new game, It has undoubtedly been our beloved Yoshi. Our beloved green dinosaur is completely absent from the game’s main cover, which has generated endless criticism and does not explain why, if they wanted to be so faithful to the original game, Yoshi is not among the characters that appears on the cover. Without a doubt, a question that will have an answer once we try the game.

The cover desEsports Extrashas been widely criticized.

The fact that the cover of this Super Mario RPG Remake (which was one of the most popular installments of the genre more than 20 years ago) is blank is a way of paying tribute to the original game. Its simplicity and lack of detail, however, if we compare it with the rest of the covers of the saga, made the game earn a lot of criticism.. Although there are those who say that beauty is in simplicity.

A slightly lighter character desEsports Extrasthat can be out of place for some players

The desEsports Extrasof the characters is very simple, so much so that the differences with the original version of 1996 go through a greater polishing of the geometry of the character and more vivid colors. However, there is nothing new, nothing that brings a new freshness to the title in terms of character design.. Something that, for example, we can see in Super Mario Wonder, where the characters maintain their proportions and are capable of transmitting a unique essence as soon as they are viewed. However with Super Mario RPG, it seems that they are simply dolls with better texture and color and nothing more. Obviously this is an opinion and does not have to be the only one.

Is it a success to have released this game for Nintendo Switch or should they have waited for the next console?

Here comes the eternal dilemma that many are facing, now that it seems that Nintendo Switch 2 is just around the corner. Like is logic, the power that the future console will have is higher than what we can see from the original Switch. Super Mario RPG will not be an excessively demanding game with regard to the graphics and the technical section, so launching it by the end of 2023 and not having waited for the Nintendo Switch 2 cannot be described as an error either. Do you think the same?

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