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8 points and goodbye 1 year

8 points and goodbye 1 year

The problem of toxic people is becoming more and more widespread in society, for various reasons, but without a doubt, this type of user has his hours counted on Microsoft’s Xbox platform. And it is that those from Redmond are going to get much tougher against toxic players, since their platform Xbox Live just introduced the system”Strike“, which we tell you below.

It is basically a warning system that you can see on your account and in real time, which also includes various temporary facets to keep those toxic players at bay. As usually happens in the traditional points system, these are cumulative, from 0 to 8where more aggressive measures may also be taken depending on the case.


Xbox says enough to the hater and the toxic player with Strike: insults, harassment or hateful comments will be history


The truth is that we have all found the hater or toxic player online. It is that education and respect were not instilled as main values ​​and that in extreme cases leads to the attempt to ridicule the affected person, public persecution and humiliation. This directly affects the most vulnerable users, where we also all know of cases in which it is not known how to manage and ends in disaster or mental problems if it is continued.

For this reason, and as mental health is just as important as physical health, Microsoft has gotten down to work and presents the Strike system for Xbox Live, which they explain carefully so as not to mislead.

“The new system assigns warnings to each app, which vary in severity based on inappropriate activity. Each player will now have a view of their compliance history, including fouls and the overall impact they have on your player record. This revised system gives players a better understanding of the severity of the application and the cumulative effect of multiple applications.


App transparency is all about giving players clarity on how their behavior affects their experience. Our content moderation efforts will not change as a result of the new Strike and compliance system.

It could lead to the permanent ban of the account

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It is something that is not said as such, but it has already been dropped in some first contact interviews with something as controversial as this Strike on Xbox. Microsoft did not want to refer to it in the rest of the official statement:

With the new system, compliance measures will also include Strikes based on the severity of your actions. The system is similar to the demerit strikes used in driver’s license systems in many countries. For example, a player who has received two notices will be suspended from the platform for one day, while a player who receives four notices will be suspended for seven days.


Players have a total of eight notices and, once reached, they will be suspended from Xbox social features such as messaging, parties and party chat, multiplayer and others, for one year from the effective date. All Strikes received remain on a player’s record for six months. Today, all players will start with a blank slate or zero strikes. Any previous execution, such as suspensions, must still be completed; the new measures from today will give rise to Strikes”.

That being said, the most severe cases could end up saying goodbye to your account. So with this whole Strike system for Xbox figured out, what do you think?


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