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8 things to know before playing Sons of the Forest

The unquestionable success of the premiere of Sons of the Forest obviously attracts locals and strangers. If you did not know him (which would seem strange to us), surely you have heard of him. So, to make sure you know what you’re getting into, we have 8 things to know before playing Sons of the Forest:


Does not require having played The Forest

Sons of the Forest is a sequel. The original game, The Forest, also hit quite hard in the community and has its own plot.


However, and although there is logically certain plot details that may be relevantin general terms we can say that no need to play the original if you want to understand Sons of the Forest.

Still in Early Access

The game it’s not finished. We have already presented you with our progress on what is there right now, and we have a guide to the current content under construction; but there is still room for improvement and changes. sons builds on the foundations created by The Forestand that makes it a great survival experience that can only go further.

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It’s a nasty game

This is a warning to the sensitive stomachs or people to whom don’t like him body horrorespecially unpleasant moments and the shell or prefer avoid games with violence towards animals.


Sons of the Forest - The main character about to hunt a turtle

The game has to be “disgusting” in terms of the effect of the attacks, to the enemies themselves and, depending on your perception of the body horroreven depending on the various mutations of the NPCs.


not a shooter

Sons of the Forest - Image with weapons and game objects

Even though it’s a game in first person and it has a good variety of weapons, including firearms, you have to keep in mind that It’s not a shooting game, it’s a survival game.. Resource management, knowing when to withdraw, when to advance is much more important than hitting shots.


The map is always the same

From the outset, you should know that when you start your game you will start in a of three random zones. The beginning will be different but, luckily, the map is not procedurally generated. That is, it will always be the same map and the points of interest they will be in the same locations. If you want, you have at your disposal an interactive map that you can use to plan your trips.

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It has multiplayer mode

Sons of the Forest: the protagonist empowered

Like so many other survival games, is it possible to play online with friends. Although this requires better resource management as it is possible to make games of up to 8 players simultaneous, logically makes it easier to face the dangerous cannibalistic mutants.


You can recruit NPCs

One of the main differences with respect to the first installment is that there are two recruitable NPCs. If they die they will disappear for the whole game, so you have to be careful with them.

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Sons of the Forest - Virginia

It is possible that more will be added in the future, as development progresses until the exit of the phase early access. You can find that information as part of our game guide.

It has a story mode and more than one ending

Unlike other somewhat more generic titles, Sons of the Forest have a main story objectiveas well as a clear argument and, in addition, has several endings. Specifically, it has three different endings. If you want to know how to enjoy them, all you have to do is consult our guide.


And up to here what we consider to be you should know before buying or playing Sons of the Forest. The title is called to occupy the attention of gamers for a couple of years, as the first one did. Stay tuned for the different updates that will be released, because we are sure that things will only get better.