85 on Metacritic: Face fate with tarot cards and make profound decisions in this witchcraft game for the Switch

85 on metacritic: face fate with tarot cards and make

Tom Henry

85 on Metacritic: Face fate with tarot cards and make profound decisions in this witchcraft game for the Switch

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The banished oracle witch Fortuna gets new cards and new courage through a pact with a behemoth.

Platforms: switch, PC, release: August 16, 2023, Genre: adventure, playing time: 6-10 hours

Banned on a lonely asteroid for 1000 years – could you stand it? In any case, after 200 years (despite the cozy cottage in which she is serving her sentence), the witch Fortuna is so desperate that she summons a behemoth.

A pact with the powerful but amazingly sarcastic and goofy beast allows her to craft special fortune-telling cards that could possibly bring her a way out of trouble. But as is always the case when entering into contracts with otherworldly creatures: the whole thing comes at a high price and takes us on an emotional journey full of profound decisions.

In this great witchcraft game you desEsports Extrastarot cards and make momentous decisions

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In this great witchcraft game you desEsports Extrastarot cards and make momentous decisions

DesEsports Extrascards, tell fortunes and make difficult decisions – that’s how we play

In The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, the cards Fortuna creates using the Abramar behemoth are not strictly tarot cards. These were taken away from the fortune teller when the head of her circle sent the witch into exile. That’s why she creates the new cards, but they work in a very similar way.

We can desEsports Extrasthem ourselves. We get a selection of motifs and combine a background with a figure and objects. We can then arrange these freely on our map, with a lot of freedom being required. But we shouldn’t go by looks alone:

An element is assigned to each of these components. Water, for example, stands for the emotional level, while earth is associated with power. In order to be able to choose a motif, we need enough energy from the appropriate element, and we in turn earn it, for example, by fortune telling.

The combination of elements decides what the card represents and what possible divinations we can make when randomly drawing the card. Because: Yes, laying the cards for other witches who visit us and even Behemoth Abramar is one of our main tasks and, together with dialogue options in conversations, decides how the story goes.

The story can be very different

The story of everyone involved, as well as our own fate, can change dramatically at many points in the game. Some decisions and prophecies only take effect hours later. If you dare another game run, you may get to know completely different people, receive items from NPCs that unlock new options and experience completely different twists and endings.

In the plot we are mainly dealing with a motley field of characters made up of witches and non-binary mythical creatures. We also help a trans witch to rise out of the human world and can experience (queer) love relationships.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is sometimes light-hearted, often humorous and absurd, but also sometimes dramatic and definitely a witchcraft with adult themes. This includes sex as well as death and depression. You can easily access Content Alerts from the game’s Start menu.

You might like The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood if you want to experience a gripping story in which you make profound decisions and enjoy a relaxed desEsports Extraselement in between. On the other hand, the game is certainly not for you if you does not like to read much (the texts are not set to music, but are very well translated into German).

Editor’s conclusion

Samara Summer
@also in the winter

After two listens, I still don’t feel like I’ve seen everything in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, because depending on whether I’m playing Fortuna as a selfless heroine or a selfish asshole (or something in between), the plot and ending vary greatly in places.

Exactly these further game runs should be designed a little more comfortably. The fact that we can’t manually save and revise decisions with them (just like with the first playthrough) I can just about understand as a desEsports Extrasdecision.

On the other hand, it bothers me that dialogs cannot be skipped completely on the second run, to experience only the ones that are different. In flashbacks, where hardly anything happens, it’s tough. In addition, the controller control on the switch is sometimes a bit fiddly when designing the map.

With the gripping plot, the pretty Esports Extras visuals and the fantastic atmosphere but the game works for me. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood entertained me with humor, charm and sometimes absurd scenes. Card making is relaxing and Divination is the perfect complement to dialogue options. In the last third, a real twist comes into play.

What do you say: could the cosmic witchcraft be something for you or are you completely out of it?

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