93 banned players say: ARK’s publisher would have blocked them in the middle of the raid to protect notorious clan | Discover News

93 banned players say: ark's publisher would have blocked them

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93 banned players say: ARK’s publisher would have blocked them in the middle of the raid to protect notorious clan | Discover News

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Some ARK: Survival Evolved players are making serious allegations against the game’s publisher, accusing him of banning 93 players to protect another clan.

What is the charge? The American video game journalist Jake Lucky published a video on June 15, 2023 in which he reports on a potential corruption scandal in the game ARK: Survival Evolved.

Jake Lucky was contacted by a player named “EXFIB0” alleging that he – along with 92 other players – was allegedly banned by Snail Games in error. Snail Games is the publisher of ARK: Survival Evolved and operates the official servers of the game, along with the developers “Studio Wildcard”.

EXFIB0 suspects a connection between Snail Games and the clan (called “Tribe” in ARK) they were fighting. They were banned because the publisher was protecting the tribe (via YouTube).

MeinMMO asked Snail Games and Studio Wildcard for a statement on the allegations. An answer is not yet available.

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93 players are reportedly banned for attacking a notorious clan

How did the ban come about? EXFIB0 tells Jake Lucky that he and his clan (the Island Boys) attacked rival tribe “TEA” – notorious in ARK for questionable behavior.

Attacking another clan is not forbidden in ARK and is called “raid”. The enemy’s structures and bases are destroyed and their dinosaurs are killed. PvP is part of the gameplay of the game and is allowed on dedicated servers.

During the raid, “the Island Boys” were ahead and winning, says EXFIB0. At some point, all 93 players of the tribe who were involved in the raid were suddenly kicked off the server and banned globally.

EXFIB0 assured Jake Lucky that his tribe acted fairly and legally. In addition, the players are only banned on servers offered by Snail Games. Accordingly, the clan can continue to play on servers operated by developer Studio Wildcard without any problems, which is why Jake Lucky questions the justification for the ban.

Why is the “TEA” tribe notorious in ARK? Various allegations from the survival game community against “TEA” and Snail Games have existed for years. Players suspect a connection between the ARK publisher and the tribe. They say Snail Games protects TEA.

As early as 2018, TEA escaped a wave of bans that caught many cheaters. TEA was spared, although players posted videos proving TEA was using cheats like an aimbot.

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