A church embraces AI and manages to increase the number of faithful to mass

a church embraces ai and manages to increase the number

Tom Henry

A church embraces AI and manages to increase the number of faithful to mass

AI or artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our lives and this is a reality that we must accept. With their pros and cons, today’s AIs have allowed us to go a step further than anything we believed in the past and have actually exceeded our expectations. Nobody expected that ChatGPT change our society so much, to the point that it is AI used in a germany churchHas got attract 300 people.

Frequently, we saw in books of Science fiction and movies from the cinema, a dystopian future where there was a AI that controlled society. Although this is still far from our reach, the truth is that we are beginning to discern how artificial intelligence is gradually changing our vision of things. With Midjourney we can now create all kinds of images without having any idea of ​​art or photography, while with ChatGPT we can ask it to solve complex problems or tasks for us.

They use AI ChatGPT and virtual avatars in church to give a sermon

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But beyond the use of AI as productivity tools, we can also use it for many other things. For example, on this occasion the AI ​​ChatGPT has been used in a church in Germany, to carry out an experiment and see how the result is. This “artificial shepherd“It had several faces, since initially it was being personified by a bearded man. He addressed the faithful of the church announcing that he is the first artificial intelligence in a protestant church from Germany.

This unusual event that combines religion and AI was held during the German Evangelical Church Congress, an event that is held every two years and attracts thousands of religious. Jonas Simmerlein, a philosopher at the University of Vienna, was the one who came up with the idea of ​​combining the AI ​​ChatGPT with the German church audience. According to Jonas, the event was a 98% artificial intelligenceMeanwhile he 2% corresponded to human labor.

There was a queue even outside the church to attend the event

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The sermon had a duration of 40 minutes and the text generated by ChatGPT was read by 4 digital avatars, two men and two women. Jonas wanted to talk about topics likeor overcome the fear of deathDon’t lose faith and hope. Basically, she asked ChatGPT to do a speech around these topics and others like letting go of the past. In addition, she later added psalms and prayers. For Jonas, the result of combining the ChatGPT AI with the religious themes of the church was remarkable.

However, for the public it was not like that, because among the believers there was laughter at the lack of expression of avatars by AI. Among the parishioners, Heiderose Schmidt, a 54-year-old computer professional, found it even offensive, since lacked “heart and soul”. On the other hand, we have opposing opinions from Marc Jansen, a 31-year-old pastor who was surprised by the AI ​​results.

Perhaps most notably, despite everything, ChatGPT’s AI church experiment aroused a lot of interest. There was long line outside the church an hour before before it started and in total had about 300 people who lived through this unusual experience.

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