A clip from the game shows an NPC jumping like Super Mario

Tom Henry

a clip from the game shows an npc jumping like

Starfield is one of the most talked about games of the moment, not only for its story but also for some funny and curious moments that the title is leaving us with the passing of the days. Sarah is one of the most important NPCs in history.

And it turns out that he has left us with a most curious moment, jumping in the style of Super Mario. All Nintenderos fans know what our plumber’s characteristic jump is like favorite when it falls on an enemy. Well, it seems that Starfield, without wanting to or seeking it, has faithfully recreated this mythical action.

Sarah really just went all Super Mario on her
byu/PowderySpace inStarfield

Bugs and errors in games can sometimes leave us with very funny moments like this. The truth is that a picture is worth a thousand words, So judge for yourself and tell us what you think.


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