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A Crazy Gaming PC Costs As Much As A Small House – What Do You Get For That Much Money?

Red Bull and Formula 1 have decided on a new gameing PC teamed up. The result will cost you over 100,000 euros, but in some regions of Germany you can already get a small house. What exactly do you get for a gaming system?

Enthusiasts are well known to put a lot of money into a racing system. And some gamers and streamers are well known to invest 5-digit sums in their gaming system, such as the 30,000 euro gaming setup of a professional gamer shows.


The “Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 Show Car Simulator” could fulfill one or the other dream, but it also costs more than 100,000 euros. You can already buy a small house in some regions of Germany (via

But what do you get for all the money and for whom is it worth it?

A racing system looks like a real racing car

What’s in the system? According to the manufacturer, you get a system that not only looks very similar to a racing car, but was also manufactured in the same way (via The hardware was then created in cooperation with Oracle Red Bull Racing.

  • Curved AOC Gaming Screen (AOC AGON AG493UCX2)
  • Adjustable gaming pedals
  • Dedicated chassis plate
  • Official Red Bull Racing livery
  • Wheelbase: Simucube 2 Pro
  • Steering Wheel: Rexing Formula Wheel Mayaris
  • Pedals: Heusinkveld Ultimate+
  • Logitech Z623 speakers with THX surround sound
  • Dimensions: length: 4.1m / width: 1.4m / height: approx. 1.2m.
  • Weight: 160 kg (including hardware).

According to the manufacturer, you also get “the latest gaming hardware” presented with the system. Incidentally, the provider is not more precise. An “OCUK Bespoke PC” is used, which is built by the British manufacturer “Overclockers UK”, but is not specified in more detail.

What does the model cost? You pay 116,387.95 euros for the complete package. The shipping costs are not included in the calculation. For Europe it is around 3,000 euros, which is no small thing.

As the model ships from the UK, a customs fee may also apply. Since Brexit, import sales tax has also become due again for the UK (via ihk.mü, unless the package comes from Northern Ireland.

Is that a lot of money? For most of us, that’s a lot of money to spend on the system. But in professional circles it is not uncommon to buy expensive hardware for racing simulators.


Especially due to the corona pandemic, many users were willing to invest a lot of money in their own system. If you couldn’t go to the real race track, then at least at home the gaming hobby should look as real as possible. Both professionals and rich people were quite willing to invest a lot of money:

Athletes and the rich invest up to 40,000 euros in their gaming PCs because they want to play realistically