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A Destiny 2 cheat seller will pay more than 4 million euros to Bungie

A trap seller for destiny 2 known as AimJunkies must pay Bungie more than 4 million euros for damages as a judge has concluded. As they remind us from VGC, the Destiny developer filed a lawsuit against the user and his company Phoenix Digital back in June 2021 for copyright infringement. However, in April 2022, a federal court in Seattle partially dismissed that lawsuit, declaring that Bungie had not properly explained how the software of cheats constituted an unauthorized copy of the game.

Despite this, the same judge decided to investigate other parts of the lawsuit that were not related to copyright, especially those that pointed to the fact that he software violated the anti-circumvention provision of the DMCA. The company alleged at the time that third-party developer James May, author of the AimJunkies software, bypassed Bungie’s technical prevention measures to create the cheat software, continuing to do so after Bungie discovered it and banned him from accessing the cheat software. I play multiple times.

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Although May did not work for AimJunkies, its parent company Phoenix Digital was responsible because the reverse engineering was carried out to create cheat software for her. Following the judge’s final decision, Bungie has asked you to approve an associated injunction, which prevent AimJunkies from engaging in similar activities.

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What do we know about the new expansion?

Destiny 2: Eclipse It will be much more than a continuation of the story. Game director Joe Blackburn ensures that the Tether, the new subclass, is the core of the expansion, but also the new location, Neomuna, a place very different from the others in the saga. “I’m very excited about the space Neomuna will occupy on the Star Chart in the long term,” adds Blackburn, hinting that its importance will go beyond Eclipse. For his part, Tyson Green, the creative director, says that the most important thing about the fifth expansion is those new features in buildcrafting and Guardian Levels, which manage to make “a cleaner product, an experience in which it is easier to get involved.” ‘” we concluded in our preview.

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