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A Diablo Immortal Player Spends $100,000 And Now He’s So Powerful He Can’t Find A Match

Content creator jtisallbusiness has contacted Blizzard to request a refund.

Diablo Immortal keeps accumulating millions. We are not only talking about all the money generated since its launch at the beginning of June, but also the large number of registered downloads. However, the Blizzard title has starred in several news for accumulating millions of dollars with its microtransaction systemwhich brings us to a user who decided to spend $100,000 And, to no one’s surprise, it has turned out to be a terrible decision.

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the content creator jtisallbusiness He has published a video on his YouTube channel where he tells his experience when it comes to investing so much money in the game. And it is that, beyond assuming an expense that many of us could not even imagine, it seems that this has enhanced his character so much that the pairing system of Diablo Immortal find no rival to match.

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That is why, as you can see in the video inserted above these lines, jtisallbusiness has contacted Blizzard to receive a refund. The developer claims to be aware of the situation, but nothing has changed for the content creator in recent days: “I can’t do things that I spent money on this character for, and I don’t have a time frame of when things will be fixed. , or even if they will be fixed because I’m the only player in the whole world with this problem.”

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Beyond this dilemma, which only affects one user, Diablo Immortal has also been receiving criticism for a bug in his Battle Pass that prevents his players from accumulating experience points. Thus, there are people who claim have lost millions of XP in the last few weeks due to the bug.

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