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It has been more than 10 years since the Obsidian Entertainment team worked on the most acclaimed installment of the Fallout saga by fans. With the rise of remakes and remasters in the video game industry, it’s no surprise that fans are expecting a more up-to-date version of Fallout New Vegas, and it seems the original directors of the project are looking forward to it as well. Well, recent reports state that a Fallout New Vegas remastering is one of Obsidian Entertainment’s greatest wishes.

This information has emerged in a recent The Gamer interview with Tim Cain Leonard Boyarsky, and Eric DeMilt, directors of The Outer Worlds. During the interview, they talked about the time that Obsidian spent on improving the graphics of the game released in 2019.as a result of this the conversion focused on Fallout New Vegas and why an improved version of this installment that was so well received by players in the past has not been released.

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A Fallout New Vegas remaster is one of Obsidian's biggest wishes

The much-requested Fallout New Vegas remaster is one of the greatest wishes of Obsidian Entertainment and its directors.

DeMilt says that Fallout New Vegas had many stability problems at the time of launch, after a series of patches the game is fully playable today, plus the stories and characters are very well cared for to provide a great experience for the player. On the other hand, Cain adds that it is not in his power to start development on a new version of Fallout New Vegas.but that it would be amazing to see it sometime with a graphical improvement.

While there was talk of Obsidian’s return to Fallout New Vegas, the studio has shown that it also hopes to work with Bethesda again on various titles in the franchise. Actually, the head of the studio has expressed multiple times that he would like to develop a new game of Fallout before his imminent retirement and embody his great ideas in this work of the saga.