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A Fanzine of Persona 5 in trouble: its organizer spends more than 20,000 euros on a gacha

Two nights ago, the creative team behind the highly anticipated Persona 5 fanzine announced a very bad news: its organizer confessed to having spent 27,600 Canadian dollars on “personal use“.

It’s are approximately 20,279 eurosa money that was intended in its beginnings to print and send all the unofficial art (created by them) and the merchandise to the clients.


One of the artists of the project claims that this main organizer known as Ree on the networks, has spent all the money from the funds playing Genshin Impact.

Showtime is the name of the unofficial zine that has characters like Joker and Crow of popular Atlus Persona 5 JRPG.

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As a result of the embezzlement, the remaining five members of the project Ree has been removed from the moderation team and is no longer part of the management of this zine.

But the thing is very murky, because they have said they can not take legal action since all Showtime reservations were processed through Ree’s personal account.


To add insult to injury, the zine team never signed any contract with her. For now, the rest of the moderators plan to organize a fundraiser to fulfill the pending requests.

From Kotaku they say they have contacted all the Showtime staff, who have not wanted to comment on it.

The medium has also tried to speak with Ree, but it has not been possible at the time of publication of his article and his response has not arrived.

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The zine alleges that Ree lied to the crew members and faked screenshots for months. Thus hiding evidence of embezzlement, although the project was already in trouble for months.

In January Showtime tweeted that his moderator of sends had coronavirus. But in the comments can be read to many users saying that communication about the status of the submission by the zine takes months without transparency.


2 of May Ree stopped shipping orders, still maintaining financial control of the zine. Aryll -another mod- acknowledged customer concern by the situation; Until May 15, the project had raised nearly 90,000 CAD (about 66,127 euros).

After learning of this embezzlement, another of the moderators known as Zubatzo tweeted that the rest trusted Ree because she had already successfully moderated five other zine projects.

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Ree’s tweets are now protected, but they showed that Ree had spent the funds on Genshin Impact Y takeaway.

Kotaku says that they haven’t been able to verify these claims, but Ree herself told GamesRadar that she spent the money on Genshin and things like stuffed animals, zines, and day-to-day bills.


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In any case, that there were expenses in the HoYoverse’s gacha has raised a ‘new’ debate. doGames like this are dangerous. for users like Ree?

Some Twitter users have pointed that it is mathematically improbable to spend such an amount of embezzled money on Genshin. Others have blamed little professionalism Y lack of resources to the zines.


In short, they have come out of the pot in terms of gacha games main discussion. What is your opinion?