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A Final Fantasy XIII player discovers a fun secret about Lightning

Nobody is going to bother Lightning.

A Final Fantasy XIII player discovers a fun secret about Lightning

Although it must be said that, despite the fact that according to those responsible for the Final Fantasy XVI title it will cause controversy due to its combat system, it must be noted that no game in the saga will be so controversial like Final Fantasy XIII, this being the title, which, in a certain sense back in 2010 when it was released, that almost managed to take away from the saga the status of reference within the video game industry.

In this way, with a level desEsports Extrasand a story that did not finish convincing, it must be said that Final Fantasy XIII stood out for its protagonistLightning being a character that ended up being quite liked by the players to the point that it has been possible to see how many ask that he be given another chance in a project that does him justice.

Lightning will get angry with the player if we do certain actions

final fantasy xiii

Lightning is the great protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII

Now, in this case it should be noted that we are not going to talk about the game itself, but rather about an Easter Egg of the same and that causes Lightning breaks the fourth wallthis being something that the user Kazesora28 has discovered and that he has shared on Reddit, being able to see this character in one of the initial areas of Final Fantasy XIII.

In this way, in this clip, which you can see below these lines, if the player moves Lightning from one side to another while Sazh Katzroy is looking at him, it will end up stopping, demonstrating upset about what is happening. This fits quite well with Lightning’s own personality, since she herself has been characterized throughout the Final Fantasy XII trilogy for not letting herself be dominated by others, thus being an Easter Egg that ends up hitting the character:

Otherwise, it should be noted that Final Fantasy XIII is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and even mobile devices.being a delivery of which nothing has been heard about a remastering, unlike the rest of the deliveries of the saga.

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