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A hack at Activision leaks employee data and the future of Call of Duty

Activision Blizzard suffered a security breach last December that has leaked some plans about the future of call of duty and, what is more serious, sensitive information about company employeeswho had not warned of this hack. Insider Gaming been able to verify the authenticity of these documents.

The information includes the list of downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2 and dates for the seasons of call of duty, but they are outdated data. The most relevant is the mention of this year’s game, codenamed Jupiter and the call of duty 2024 code name Cerberus.


HR computer hacked

The problem with this hack is that the information obtained includes full names, emails, telephone numbers, salaries, place of work, addresses and more of each employee. according to Insider Gaming the hacker would have accessed the computer of a human resources worker, hence the data on games is quite limited -there are no screenshots or other content- and only related to deadlines for the different alphas, but the database of workers . In principle, no player information has been leaked.

Although at first it was speculated with a premium expansion of Modern Warfare 2 for this year, the latest rumors ensure that this content will finally be an independent game that will arrive in the fall. I will maintain that connection with the universe of the current Modern Warfare and it is not yet decided if it will be called Modern Warfare 3 or use another name. It is mainly developed by Sledgehammer Games, although several teams from the saga, as usual in recent call of duty.


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