A Jak and Daxter movie seems to be a reality

a jak and daxter movie seems to be a reality

Tom Henry

A Jak and Daxter movie seems to be a reality

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It’s an especially exciting time for Naughty Dog, the original developers of the Jak and Daxter franchise; having found great success with both the Uncharted movie and The Last of Us series, it seems the time is right for another film adaptation. This time a movie from the iconic duo Jak and Daxter could be a reality.

And, the names that resonate to play the duo are: Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, but this is too predictable.

The rumor started in earnest after Twitter user MyTimeToShine share the information. While it’s wise to take any industry gossip with a grain of salt, this particular user has been a trusted source of movie information before, so his words carry weight.

Added to this is the knowledge that Holland has previously said that he would like to make a Jak and Daxter movie during an interview with GameSpot, and it seems increasingly likely. Though we suspect that Holland’s ambition to give a “really weird and dark” take on the characters may not be what the executives have in mind.

Will Jak and Daxter have their day on the big screen? Maybe, someday, somewhere, in the future. All we can do is wait for that to happen, if it does.

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