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A Luigi’s Mansion movie could be a reality very soon

The Super Mario Bros. movie is about to be released and with an excellent cast we can only wait and see how good it will be. The interesting thing is that Luigi’s voice actor has confirmed the possible production of a movie based on Luigi’s Mansion.

Luigi’s voice actor has confirmed that he would be totally down to reprise his role in a Luigi’s Mansion movie. For those unfamiliar, the Luigi’s Mansion series sees Mario’s brother basically become a Ghostbuster, using a vacuum to suck up ghosts as he fights his way through haunted places. Given his willingness to be easily scared, the games are a lot of fun and it’s easy to see how the concept could be adapted into a movie.


In an interview with ComicBook, Day was asked directly if he wanted to do the film and he said, “Yes I want. Great time. you are not the first [en preguntar], but let’s talk about it in the spirit of the times. Let’s make this happen, okay? I’m in.”

This isn’t the first time Day has expressed excitement about creating the film, either. Last year, he said: “Yeah, my son was playing Luigi’s Mansion the other day on his Switch. Look, I’m thrilled to have the chance, I grew up playing Super Mario Bros. just like everyone else I know, we’ll see! It’s like anything else in life, if they invite me I’ll go!”

It certainly sounds like a good idea since adapting another Mario installment would be a bit tricky but the best option so far is a Luigi spin-off so to speak.