A man is arrested in Japan for harassing a woman in the MMO Final Fantasy 14

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a man is arrested in japan for harassing a woman

MMOs, in most cases, help us live great adventureslet’s meet people and even forge great ties of friendship with those who have been our companions in dungeons and adventures in the virtual world who sometimes also end up being them in the real world.

However, every coin has two sides and multiplayer titles can also be used to defraud, commit crimes or harass people and, unfortunately, today From Japan we get an example of this latest and detestable behavior using Final Fantasy 14 for this, an . as well-known and fantastic as it is also criticized for its failed user blocking system.

A stalker in Hydaelyn

As reported by Kobe News, a few days ago in Tokyo The authorities They arrested a 38-year-old man of age by harass a woman 28 years old, sending her up to 22 threatening messages about if she didn’t talk to him he would tell her family about certain private conversations the two of them had had in the past.

This man, in addition to sending these messages in Final Fantasy 14 already through social networks such as Twitter or LINE also He dedicated himself to harassing the player by virtually chasing her throughout Hydaelyn. (the world in which Square Enix’s . takes place) every time they are both connected.

Furthermore, The player could not defend herself against this behavior due to a bug in the blocked player system.so that in Final Fantasy 14even if you decide to block a player, you will still appear on their friends list and they will be able to know which area you are in at all times or even leave written messages in the guestbook of the player’s virtual home, something that has been previously criticized by the MMO community.

Due to these acts, the Japanese authorities decided to arrest the individual who denied any of the charges against him, although the police assure that Despite this refusal, several of his actions are a direct violation of Japanese anti-harassment laws.so the player will be punished by the authorities.

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