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A million dollars a day supports the commercial success of Diablo Immortal, which sees its reputation continue to plummet

At this point, talking about how poorly Diablo Immortal is doing in terms of ratings is even redundant. Blizzard’s mobile game has become one of the titles Metacritic’s most infamous because of the way it has had to monetize itself. And this is why it is surprising how effective his model is being.

Thanks to the data provided by the specialized portal, since its launch, Diablo Immortal has managed to raise $49 million. Keep in mind that these numbers only represent the first month of life of the title, making it a success in terms of economic performance.

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The most curious fact of this analysis comes from the hand of your daily income. In a detailed view of these, we can see that there has not been a single day where it has generated less than one million dollarswhile at its peak it has reached 2.4 million, a figure that is not negligible.

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All these figures are what we obtain after having discounted the 30% that both the Play Store and the App Store take, and they put the Blizzard game well above the other renowned title that has been released in a similar period of time. : Apex Legends. To give you an idea, the Electronic Arts title raised around 11 million dollars.

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Diablo Immortal faces his first civil war between 2 clans, and the outcome will decide if the game is a pay-to-win or not.


All of this exists in stark contrast to the state of the game outside of finances. Events such as the fact that one of the most important forums and guide websites that the title had decided to abandon its coverage yesterday, or that players have discovered hidden limiters to slow down your progression are making it more and more impossible for the title can forge a new good reputation.

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