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Some of you may still remember the chainsaw controller for Resident Evil 4 that Capcom designed for the release of the original game. The controller offered unique features, such as raising or lowering Leon’s weapon by simply raising or lowering the controllerit incorporated a starter rope with sound and a lot of details such as blood stains and others that gave it a spectacular look.

Well, according to Yasuhiro Ampo and Yoshiaki Hirabayahi, director of Resident Evil 2 and producer of Resident Evil 4 Remake, they made some statements to Game Informer during which they dropped that the famous controller of Resident Evil 4 was in the mind of the developers to return together with the Remake of the original game. In this way, one of the strangest and most special controllers in history could have come back to life.

chainsaw remote for Resident Evil 4 body image

Credits: Vrutal

A new chainsaw controller for Resident Evil 4 may have been developed

During the interview, many things were already known about Resident Evil 4, which will hit the market on March 24, although what concerns us today is the chainsaw controller for Resident Evil 4. The original controller was released for GameCube, and a revamped version for the PS2 was released shortly after. Although the development team wanted to bring it back, there hasn’t been time to invest in command.

We wanted to make one, but we were already putting everything we had into game development. Maybe we could look into it another time if we get the chance.

This declaration of intent leaves us with a ray of hope so that, in case you are not already working on one, we can see how the chainsaw controller for Resident Evil 4 comes to Consoles and PC in the future. You can always try to get a classic chainsaw remote, but we already warn you that you will have to save a few euros to get one. It will be time to pray a little to see if we are lucky and the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller will see the light again.

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