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A new collaboration between Fortnite and Star Wars is announced

a new collaboration between fortnite and star wars is announced

May 4th is next week and Fortnite is not missing the opportunity to celebrate it in the main way it knows how alongside Star Wars.

Fortnite has been home to many Star Wars characters, and even a large portion of Chapter 3 Season 3 featured Darth Vader as the boss. Apparently, Battle Royale isn’t interested in simply rehashing old content.


The new Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration will kick off with the release of Anakin Skywalker (from Revenge of the Sith) in the Item Shop on May 2.

A sneak peek was initially shared via the official Fortnite Twitter account, with the caption simply: “You have been chosen”.

At the moment, Anakin Skywalker is the only confirmed new cosmetic/skin to appear on May 4th. However, we know that he will not arrive alone. Dataminer HYPEX has added that players can look forward to “new Mythic weapons, multiple skins, and Force Mythics”.

Interestingly, “Force Mythics” is mentioned separately from “Force Weapons”. The latter no doubt means lightsabers and possibly even the darksaber. However, Force Mythics could easily be something like players wielding Force Lightning.

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